Savor the Moments

My 60th birthday lunch!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. Can you believe it is 2018? It’s here!

For the past several years I’ve treated myself to a Word of the Year.  Why? It’s a compass for guidance and motivation to study and work on myself. In the past I’ve chosen Joy, Believe, and Happiness for my words of the year.

How do I use the word? I simply keep it in my thoughts, meditations, and prayers. If I am faced with a challenging situation, I bring my word to mind and contemplate how I can use it to change my perspective. I always choose positive words (never negative), and you would not believe how a simple word can change a depressing problem into a spiritual opportunity. I choose books, readings, and podcasts that also help me study my wonderful word.

The last few weeks the word SAVOR has popped into my head over and over again. I looked up the definition and here’s what I found:

SAVOR: noun

1. The quality in a substance that affects the sense of taste or of smell.

2. A particular taste or smell.

3. Distinctive quality or property.

4. Power to excite or interest.


I love the fourth definition! The Power to Excite or Interest. What do I intend to SAVOR, to be excited about? Well, many things! I want to savor time, tastes, and experiences. As a Greek American, I love wonderful food, especially if it is shared with family and friends.

I want to savor moments with my family, especially my grandchildren, as I know how precious these times really are. My wedding families give me the opportunity to savor, and this is not just about the cookie table! God has placed me in this position to make a difference in the lives of brides, grooms, their parents and guests. I’m there to keep the calm, take the stress off the day, and use my knowledge and gifts to oversee a day they will not forget.

I also want to be more mindful of how and what I eat. Healthier choices, less guilt, and more savoring are important to me. I’ve been conscious lately of slowing down and enjoying my food. This is hard for a busy person like me. I often eat with other things in mind (like what I have to do next!). I can also be an emotional eater (chocolate!) so I’m really trying to acknowledge my feelings when I’m stressed or worried.

It is coming up on five years that I left a full time position to help my mother. It’s hard to believe its been that long. Sometimes hard, always rewarding, I feel like I can finally breathe a bit better about the future and where I am going. This is not for everyone but I am glad I chose this route. There’s a book submission in my future and this is the topic I have chosen to write about- Caring for our Elderly Parents. If you are assisting an elderly parent(s) in any way, even if you are working part or full time, and have a story to share, I want to hear from you. Email me at

As you savor your New Year, I hope you take the time to make one positive change. Maybe choose your own word, start a gratitude journal, begin a three minute meditation practice, or start an exercise program. Touch base with me occasionally and let me know how you’re doing. I look forward to hearing from you!



Join me on my graceful journey.

14 Replies to “Savor the Moments”

  1. Thoughtful post, Joanne. I savored the Christmas season, and after Christmas I savored the way all the pretty neighborhood lights kept the child in me alive – all the wonder of this loving time of year. i look at them as I once did the nativity and Christmas tree in my home…wanting to hold it in my memory. Same is true, and most especially, of my loved ones – my son – savoring moments with him. You’ve chosen an excellent word for the year.

    Blessings savoring,
    Marianne xox

    1. I like this word too Marianne. Savor is a good word to use with Christmas. I love the holidays and try to keep them with me, especially through the dark winter months. Thanks for stopping by. xo Joanne

    1. Thank you so much! Your post and mine came so close together- I just love it. And I received another post in my email today from another friend who wrote about her word- balance. Such wonderful words for us to grow together with. Blessings from frigid PA!

  2. Joanne, I loved this post! Savor is a wonderful word, and makes me feel like we all need to slow down and savor so many situations, relationships with our loved ones, and all of God’s bounty! I am so glad I chose my own word of the year. I love how you use your word in your scripture readings, etc. I will certainly do that as well. Looking forward to your book about caregiving!

  3. Hi Joanne, I remember vividley reading about your word of the year JOY. It left such good thoughts with me that I still see the picture you used for the word! Amazing, my favorite definition of SAVOR is #4! Iam familiar with #1, 2 and 3, however #4 made me stop and think for a bit before I continued reading. I love how you incorporate SAVOR in all aspects of life! Such a great and inspiring idea to pick a word of the year! Wishing you many moments to savor in 2018.

    1. Hi Cindy, Many savoring moments to you too! I loved the word JOY and I know this word will be good for me too. I’m looking forward to keeping SAVOR in my thoughts all year. Happy New Year!!

    1. I followed Marylin’s blog and loved her memories of her mother. She has not posted in a year and I miss her. I’m not sure how to reach out to her but perhaps I will investigate. Many blessings to you in the New Year!

  4. What a fantastic word and mantra for 2018. Your words are so rich and full of insight and hope. I can see you settling into this mindset quite well.
    My word for the year is Finish. As in, finish the many projects I have started before embarking on new ones. As in, finish the book I’ve been editing for three years.
    Your caregiver’s book sounds amazing and needed. I can’t wait to see the end result.
    You continue to be a ray of sunshine and inspiration – I’m looking forward to seeing the many ways you savor 2018. Xoxoxo

    1. I love your word! You can do it. I imagine you have many commitments and prioritizing the finish of your book may not always be on top. I will tell you, the older I get the more I love writing. You are setting the groundwork for what could possibly be your retirement career. (that’s my plan anyway!). Hopefully we will meet someday at one of the writer’s conferences somewhere. I’m hoping for it. xoxo

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