The Most Memorable Christmas

Do you have a Christmas that stands out in your mind?

In all of my Christmases past, there is one that stands out the most. I want to tell you about it….

Michelene and John opening their presents!
Michelene and John opening their presents!

It was about 24 years ago or so. I don’t remember the exact year. Jim was in nursing school and I was working as a sales manager for a home party company.

December was never a big month for sales and Jim, due to his schooling, was not working. Christmas was looking pretty gloomy for our young family. Michelene was probably 5 years old, John was maybe 2.

One day, two weeks before Christmas, Jim came home from school with news. He had applied for a scholarship months before and lo and behold, he (we!) was considered the neediest of all the students.

I think the check was for around $800. It was perfect. I paid some bills, bought some presents, and we bought a Christmas tree. 

It was not a fancy Christmas but we were provided for. We had everything we needed.

Why does this Christmas stand out in my mind? Maybe because it was my own little miracle. Maybe because I had faith that everything would work out ok.

It is a lesson that even whenever things can seem their gloomiest, there is a flicker of light somewhere that is burning bright. We only need look for the light and it will be there.

In this holiest of times, I hope you remember to look for the light.

Is there a Christmas that stands out in your mind? Tell me about it!

Join me on my graceful journey.

6 Replies to “The Most Memorable Christmas”

  1. On Christmas eve, we gathered with my cousins’ family at “Grandpa and Grandma next door’s” for a traditional Italian fish feast. We exchanged presents with them after dinner in front of an aluminum Christmas tree that slowly changed colors from yellow to blue to red and green as the light from a revolving lamp reflected in its silver branches. My little sister, Ann, was really little then. Say three years old, and big brother me, 13. As the gift exchange progressed, Ann was feeling left out because she had no present to give to Grandpa and Grandma. Without anyone noticing, Ann slipped out of the front door, crossed the porch to our side of the duplex and went searching for a present. She found an beat up dirty old tie, that once belonged to my notorious Uncle Joe. When she arrived next door beaming with her gift for Grandpa, the laughter, joy and goodwill was big enough to last a lifetime, and it has.

  2. Joanne, Today as I read this, I can so appreciate what it means to look for the light. What a beautiful gift to ourselves and others to “look for the light”, especially during this most holiest of times. I loved and so enjoyed reading the stories that were shared here. Thank you for sharing yours, which magically reminded us to think of our own!! . My father was a very heavy drinker( by today’s definition ….he suffered from untreated alcholism)! Therefore , I don’t have the happiest of Christmas memories from my childhood. My happiness this Christmas season comes from the fact that I have been able to move past my childhood to enjoy what Christmas brings to me today!! I have been blessed with memories of spending Christmas Eve with Jim’s family & the joy that came with it!! His family celebrated on Christmas Eve with a Swedish feast!! The children would have to wait till dinner was over before they would get their gifts. Of course, it then all turned crazy(haha), with everyone ripping into their gifts at once! What fun!!!! The fondest memory of it all was the hour ride home listening to the radio as it gave a detailed update of Santa’s journey as he prepared to leave the North Pole. The excitment even made a believer out of me!! For once the kids sat still, didn’t argure cause they were close to each other, and truly believed in the magic, I found myself even looking up into the sky for him as we drove along. I have carried on the Christmas Eve tradition for the past 13 years, but have tried to put my Italian heritage into it. Merry Christmas and blessing to you and your family! May we all see the light of Bethlehem Christmas and always.

    1. Cindy, what a lovely story. I don’t remember if I have ever heard an update of Santa’s journey via a radio and that would be awesome as a little child. I do remember watching the weather report on the news and the weatherman saying where Santa had been spotted. It is good you place your Italian heritage into your eve traditions. I believe in old world ethnic touches. Thank you for stopping by and sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing such a heart warming story. It seemed so personal, your words jumped off the page. I felt like I was in the moment with you. One December the Army “got their papers mixed up”. We ended up with no pay for the month. We seemed to go overboard that year with things that didn’t cost much, building snowmen, driving to see lights, baking cookies every other day………there was so much “Christmas”…..I think we were all glad to see quiet January come knocking.

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