The Last Little Bits of Summer


“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”
William Shakespeare, Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Here we are, the end of August and summer is winding to a close. Where has the time gone? I remember writing my late spring blog post, eagerly awaiting summer’s full glory, anticipating the slow, warm days I was so looking forward to.

As I look back, it has been an amazing summer. Beauty has abounded in my area, despite weird weather like too hot, too cool, too much rain. But somehow through it all, I managed a slight tan, many back yard campfires and lots of juicy peaches.

IMG_2510My cousin Christina came from New York with her daughter Ariel and we had two glorious weeks that included trips to the local farmer’s market and our favorite, the Fiestaware outlet. We couldn’t get enough of Chris’ guacamole and made it no less than four times while she was here! There were lots of salads, grilled vegetables and fresh tomatoes from our garden to enjoy. I’ll never forget her glorious lentils, bean soup and our endless cups of coffee in the back yard, as we caught sightings of the local mama deer and her two baby fawns at play.

I went to Chicago for a wedding, my only real getaway, and what a real pleasure that was. Riding along with my aunt and uncle (my mother’s only brother), I hung out with their teenage grandchildren and never knew how really cool they were. The Chicago cousins were so hospitable I feel like sneaking back there for a visit all my own. (Get ready Deb!)

Through all of this, I felt the faith, the presence of grace all the time. If I momentarily forgot it, I remembered it in the sight of the baby hawk flying over my house, the random phone call from a friend, and the early morning sunrise. I realized the preciousness of time, the ability to take this time to rest, rejuvenate and get ready for whatever will be ahead.

School is beginning next week for my grandson. He is going to the seventh grade (wow, where has THAT time gone?) and Labor Day is just around the corner. I’m looking forward to promoting my new business, looking for still more partners and always searching out great event ideas.

I saw a few red leaves on the ground lately and I know fall is just around the corner. Enjoy these last few summer days with a sentimental heart!

DSC_0090Thanks to Christina for all these beautiful pictures!

How was your summer? Are you looking forward to fall?

Join me on my graceful journey.

8 Replies to “The Last Little Bits of Summer”

  1. This is how I know a season is soon to shift—first the peaches come from Florida, then the local crop from Georgia arrives, then the crop from South Carolina and lastly the final crop form Pennsylvania….which reminds me, I better go to the fruit market today to pick up some Pennsylvania peaches 🙂

  2. My summer was super busy! It flew by! Although summer weather lasts well into October here, the kids are getting ready for school and I see the days getting a bit shorter. There is a lot to be done when children are placed in your care…we had court hearings, meetings, doctor appointments, dentist appointments, finding specialists (still not done with that) and getting my 5 year old grand daughter enrolled in school! What a chore THAT was! Our school district has 42 elementary schools and you can enroll your child/ren at any of them, but you have to provide the transportation unless you meet certain requirements…SO the boys were enrolled at one school but I wanted to transfer them to my ‘neighborhood school’. The neighborhood school had no openings in 1st or 4th grades…but they did in kindergarten. The school the boys are at had no openings in kindergarten! So I am stuck trying to get 3 kids to 2 different schools, while toting the 3 year old around! And, of course, I don’t drive, so let’s throw that little bit into the mix! The boys school is about 2 miles away and Caity’s school is less than a mile. I can walk her, but the boys will be another story! Luckily, Don is self employed and can work from home and will get the boys back and forth! All 3 kids are on the waiting list for the other school…most likely the boys school. Oh and Caitys school wears uniforms and the boys school doesn’t…but since I didn’t know what school they will end up going to, I had to buy both kinds for all 3! I need a vacation, but don’t see one in the near future!

  3. Wow, you just inspired me to appreciate what we do have left of summer. I think I have somewhat taken it for granted. I think I will go to the Farmers Market today and come home and make a peach clobber. Good luck to your grandson as he begins 7 th grade. So begins a new journey…

  4. Your peaches look so delicious, Joanne…I’m glad you enjoyed the summer. Ours was not so bad here in SE Texas. It was cloudy much of the the time, so that kept the temperatures below 100 for some weeks. Yesterday and today is quite damp with some rain, and the air is a bit cooler. Reminds me of Autumn waiting to enter onto the stage for her glorious performance. I’m always ready for her.

    Blessings for a lovely day,
    Marianne xo

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