The After-Holiday Holiday

I know the southern snow will not last. It will be gone soon and only the memory will remain. If you live in an area not normally affected by large snowfalls, what did you do? My guess is you hunkered down, put warm clothes on, and made something special to eat or drink. Maybe you made a good cup of coffee or cocoa. Maybe you lit a fire.

My blogger friend Michelle took a long walk in the woods with her lucky dog. She turned a beautiful snowfall into a good reason to get some exercise. We should all do the same thing. I was so impressed with this. If I was ten years younger I’d get my boots on. 😉

I am used to snow in January and February. Two years ago I wrote on how I tried to embrace winter and just accept it. I wanted to find joy in it instead of feeling depressed over shorter days and less light. It worked. I changed my attitude and there was a definite shift in how I feel about winter.

When I worked full time, I wished for days when I did not have to clean the snow off my car at 6 am on January mornings. The long drive into Pittsburgh wore on me as I got older. I didn’t mind it in the younger days but my mind and heart were not into it as I got older. Now, without that commute, I am free to relish snowy mornings. To look out the window at them and revel in their beauty- the sunlight on the snow, the colorful birds at my feeder, the deer in my back yard munching on the hard corn that Jim has sprinkled for them.

This is the time of year when I get some rest. After the holidays, this is my holiday. I enjoy this quiet after Christmas down time. My tree is still up, the twinkle lights and red/white ornament colors a glowing contrast to the darker days. I’ve put most of my other decor away, but the tree is the last to go. The twelve days of Christmas were just over; let me enjoy the feeling as long as I can.

Winter Beauty- My Christmas Cactus’ are still blooming!
Join me on my graceful journey.

8 Replies to “The After-Holiday Holiday”

  1. Six plus inches of snow came to Brevard on Friday eve…so yesterday was a great day to clean the condo, take down holiday decorations, walk in the snow, watch the birds, do some yoga, practice mandolin, make spanakopita, and binge watch Netflix favorites. 😊 Today, more cooking and then a Steelers playoff game. Perfect! Your backyard looks lovely, and you always have a way with Christmas cactus! Xo

  2. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have rain, lots of rain. It is a bit chilly. I can see Mt. Rainier, in all her glory. Snow covered and looking mighty, mighty cold. Our dog Sweet Liberty needs to have her paws wiped off when she comes in. The coffee is dark, extra bold and rich. I have my stitching light on and my needle & thread are calling my name.
    Ah, the calm after the big holiday push.
    Thanks for the beautiful post, the word serene comes to mind.
    Love ya girlie,
    oh, and that spanakopita sounds pretty tasty right now. 🙂

  3. Oh Joanne! This was absolutely beautiful, I could feel the warmth in your words as I imagined those twinkling lights. You have shown me time and time again that the beauty is in the ordinary and that everywhere we look there are things to be thankful for.
    Thank you for this and for the shout – out (I took my dog and my daughter on another new snowy trail today!)

    1. It was my pleasure to give you the shout out. I loved your beautiful post and it has inspired me to be outside a little more! I’m so glad you took another walk again today, and with your daughter- how awesome! xoxo Joanne

  4. Hi Joanne, I saw your post this morning just around the time I was about to wish our son a happy birthday! Today is his birthday and I thought…”wow two good things in one day!” I can actually feel the warmth and coziness of your words! Iam not one to relax much, but your post inspired me to do so today!( too cold to do anything else❄) I remembered your post from two years ago so vividly that I actually went back and read it. Your Christmas cactus is so pretty! Enjoy this “quiet after Christmas” time and stay warm!

    1. Happy birthday to your son! 🎂It IS too cold to do too much! Thank you for stopping by my warm and cozy place this morning. Friends always make it so special. xoxo Joanne

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