Faith and My Old Sweater

My favorite sweater

My favorite sweater!

I have a favorite sweater I bought a few years ago.  Hanging on the sale rack at the Gap at end of season, it caught my eye with it’s beautiful knit weave and obvious coziness. It is a shade of slate grey, has a V neck and plain buttons down the front. The collar is large enough to fold over and the sleeves are just a bit too long…perfect for rolling up.

This grey sweater is my go-to favorite for a cold winter’s night, a chilly morning or underneath my coat when taking my favorite pup, Ms. Jordan, out for a stroll.

Though my sweater has seen better days, it is still warm and cozy. It doesn’t have fancy things about it and that’s what I like about it. It is simple and easy to wear. Over time, it has developed a small hole along the shoulder seam. This doesn’t bother me one bit. One day I will probably sew it shut, but for now I leave it alone. When I am at home, my sweater symbolizes my ok-ness with imperfection. It doesn’t matter what I look like on the outside; it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Here’s the correlation. Just like my grey sweater, my faith plays a warm and secure role in my life. It wraps me in comfort and loves me the way I am. It is there for me when I need it. It fills my life with JOY. And going forward into 2013, I will continue to be best buds with Faith as we walk hand in hand through this amazing life.

(Thanks to the Daily Prompt and the ever- fascinating group of folks at for this inspiration!)

What’s your favorite object that brings you warmth and comfort? Share it with me!

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19 thoughts on “Faith and My Old Sweater

  1. Sunday's Child (trying to be full of grace).

    I never really thought my favorite, faded and riped jeans were comfort and joy……..I am tickled at how you make me see things so differently. I love (and the properly raised little girl inside me loves) that Faith and JOY and goodness can be seen in a worn loved sweater or jeans. I am so glad I stopped by today!

  2. Cathy McElhaney

    I love this. I love that you know that it’s not outward appearances that count. Since I have been losing weight, my comfort clothes are gone. But I have a jacket that was my mothers. I have sprayed it with her perfume, and it feels like a hug from my mom when I put it on. That is my comfort. I am ok with my imperfections.

  3. Kathy Brittner

    Hi Jo – Love reading you blog! Wish we were closer in proximity. Every time I check out your blog I remember the close friendship we shared all of those years and realize why. Have a blessed New Year! – Kathy


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