Become the Beacon

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I have been reading faith based books lately and occasionally watching ministry programs on tv. In my quest for spiritual self-discovery, I like to explore faith via one of my favorite slogans- Take what you like and leave the rest.  I don’t have to try anything that doesn’t feel right and it’s good to just listen and learn.

So yesterday morning, before work, I was watching Joyce Meyer. She is I think, a mega star and boy, she preaches to some large audiences. Years ago I used to reject these types of ministries as ridiculous, so it’s a big step for me to sit and listen to her.

Joyce was talking about “complaining”. She basically said we will get no where if all we do is complain about our life. Prayer is the answer, says Joyce. Also, having gratitude for the life we do have and thanksgiving for all our blessings is what gives us greater happiness.

Well Joyce (I think of her as my friend now, I’m calling her by her first name) I know this is true. Gratitude is one of my favorite things to post on and I’m a big believer in it. And even though Joyce is a Christian bible teacher and author, I’m sure many other religious and non-religious doctrines believe in gratitude over complaining any day.

One of the things I heard Joyce say that morning was when we bring the light into our life, we can become the light for others. When she said that I immediately thought of a lighthouse, standing with its beacon to bring others into shore safely. I think Joyce is right; people who don’t complain and show daily gratitude become the beacon for others to navigate by.

Do you know someone who is a beacon? I know a couple of beacons. When I am feeling down or can’t get my grip, I want to be in their light. I call them and ask if we can meet for coffee. Or I just call them. Then I say How are you? When they start to talk I feel their light coming through, even over the phone.

Do you have a beacon or someone who brings light and joy into your life? Tell me about him or her! 

Join me on my graceful journey.

10 Replies to “Become the Beacon”

  1. Yes…and you are one of them! My sister, Judy is another. My mom used to be that person, but she is no longer with us. You have inspired me to make changes that are necessary, but I have been afraid to make. Baby steps…Thank you, Joanne, for being a beacon in this world!
    I was told about a faith-based book to read and I was reluctant to read it…I finally read most of it and I learned a lot…I don’t think the biblical references were necessary, for me at least, but I guess some people need that. The book is called Boundaries by Townsend and Cloud.

    1. Cathy, it is good to hear from you! I am honored that you consider me a beacon. Keep walking on your path of self discovery; the rewards are so great! I’ll have to check out the book you mentioned too. Best wishes for a gratitude filled holiday! xo Joanne

    1. Cally, it is an emotional moment to see myself as a beacon for you! Exposing so many of my flaws at times (and you have seen all of them!) goes against Dad’s advice to me of setting the example as oldest daughter. But perhaps that is the example. I am not perfect and hopefully by accepting that about myself I am teaching you it is ok to be exactly who you are- a warm, wonderful and loving person! Love, Jo

  2. Hello friend, every single time I stop by your corner of the world, your light warms my soul. Honest to goodness pure light mixed with a kind spirit you never fail to share and bathe us with Grace. Keep doing what you are doing. Your light feels warm and oh so good.

    Also, I am lucky enough to be married to a really bright light. For thirty years I have for the most part stayed at home, either as a mom or running my business. Somedays, I only “talk” to the dog. So when my Mr. Right comes home, I say what’s new at the salt mines? Any gossip? Any dirt? He has never in our life together said sure……….here’s some dirt. He talks with kindness about everyone. He has the ability not to talk bad about others. He thinks highly of most people in his life. He gently reminds me on a daily basis…… is much better to be a light.

    Thank you for your gentle reminder to be filled with light. Love ya!

    1. It is so wonderful that Mr. Right is a light in your life. To be married to a light is an awesome thing. Thank you for thinking of me as a light; I certainly think of you and your blog as one of the grace lights in my life…xo Joanne

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