Spring and Renewal


“Expect to have hope rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways. The dry seasons in life do not last. The spring rains will come again.” Sarah Ban Breathnach

Here in the Northeast USA, it is hard to tell it is Spring.

It has snowed every day this week- an amazing feat for Pittsburgh in late March. I can’t remember when it’s snowed so much, especially since the first day of spring has already passed.

I have been thinking about buds, new life and renewal. When spring arrives, we all have a chance to dust ourselves off, change up to more color and start anew. I’m feeling like a living testament to change…to spring….to new life.

DSC_0045Everything I have laid in place over the last two years is going to shift….again. My mother’s illness has been the catalyst. I am reminded of M. Scott Peck‘s ideals, documented in his famous book “The Road Less Traveled”. In it, he describes how we all have internal “maps” of where we go and what we do. Well, my “map” is about to change. I’m choosing a new path on my road of life.

Here’s the first change. I’ve put notice in at my job and am leaving in two weeks. Yes, I am trading my comfortable, secure, full time job for more time. Time I wish to spend with my mom, my family, friends and myself.

Change number two. I need some source of income so I signed up to be an independent sales consultant with a company that looks very…faithful. I am going to shamelessly self promote myself just this once. Check out www.faithco.net/joannecain to see my latest venture. (PS. That is not me at the bottom of the website!)

So whew! So much change. What inspired all this? Well, in addition to my mother’s long illness, time played a major factor in bringing me around . You have a lot of time to think when your loved one is in the hospital for an extended period. You have nothing to do but sit there, think, fill up glasses with ice water, think, watch mom sleep, think. It is life changing really; the shift that occurs in your thought process when you realize how precious, fragile and short life really is.

In all my pondering and all these precious blocks of time I’ve had lately, I’ve been wondering if God sometimes hits me over the head to get my attention. “What does it take” I imagine him saying, “to push you to your next level, to get on with it, for goodness sakes?”

Because I confess…I had been thinking for months about how to spend more time with my family and on the things I am passionate about (writing, non profit work). I had some ideas but I was holding back. I was hesitant to let go of the security within my life; a life comfortable and fulfilling, just not as deeply spiritual as I yearned it to be.

What does God have planned for me? Truly, I don’t know. My one friend likes to say, “God has a plan for us, but we are not on the planning committee.” If I am willing to turn my life over to a power greater than myself, I’m sure my purpose going forth will present itself to me.

DSC_0036Photos of “Snowdrops” by my daughter, Michelene Cain

Tell me…..Have you ever given something over completely to faith? What happened?

Join me on my graceful journey.

10 Replies to “Spring and Renewal”

  1. Good for YOU!!! Joanne, you’re life is coming into a new season, and it’s going to be wonderful!! I know exactly what you mean about wanting more time, and to be involved with things more spiritual. I stand there at work all day, every, day, and think about what I really could be doing, knowing fully I’m not living to my fullest potential. There are moments where someone will approach me and begin to talk to me looking for spiritual counsel ( in a grocery store), and it’s at these moments I feel more alive than ever. God usually allows that no manager comes by at those times, and I am free to perform God’s glory – to give and to receive. But not too long ago someone at the store called a manager on me, and I was ‘rescued’, as they put it, from the customer. I guess God was in that too. Who knows.

    I am determined to give my creativity to him. To live each day for him, but I know that I know that I know, the grocery store is no longer for me. It keeps me from LIVING.

    I am going to check out your link now…this is so exciting!!!

    Blessings for your new life,
    Marianne xox

    1. Marianne, I hope you are inspired to make any change that you feel in your heart is best for you. It took my mother’s illness to push me over the edge. I wish I had taken the steps sooner but that is how it unfolded.
      When we have God with us, miracles are possible. All we have to do is believe! Much love to you! xo Joanne

  2. Hi Joanne, what an inspiring story! Blessings to your mom for a healthy recovery and to you as you embark on “new beginnings!” ….. “One LOVING thought can change everything” in amazing ways, so it will most certainly be all good! Best of wishes to you as you take your “loving” thoughts to the next level!

    1. Well you have inspired me as well! To go forth and continue my quest for love and grace in every day life. I am praying for you daily and I hope you will think of me and pray for me as well (I know you will!!). I know in my heart this is the right thing to do! xo Joanne

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