Life’s a (Nantucket) Beach

Nantucket- Land of Idyllic Beaches

I have been going to the beach ever since I was about ten years old. My family’s favorite spot for years was Ocean City, Maryland. Life is truly wonderful at the beach, isn’t it? Many a fond memory began for me in Ocean City.

Happy to explore North Carolina beaches, Siesta Key Florida, Panama City Beach, Myrtle Beach and many others over the years, I never thought of going to a beach town in the off season. Recently Jim and I spent a whole week in Nantucket, an island about 20 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Of course I’d heard of it! Who hasn’t? I’ve listened to stories about Nantucket and hoped that someday I would visit. A few months ago Jim said he had the third week in October off. Our close friends were willing to join us and had connections there. It seemed like the perfect opportunity.

We flew into Boston, drove to Hyannis and had lunch at the Black Cat Tavern. We walked up the plank onto the Hyline and enjoyed a one hour cruise to Nantucket. The only way to get there is a boat. 🙂 It’s an island, after all.


I could go on and on about what we did, things we saw, but I will reserve that for a few links at the end of this post. What I really want to tell you about is what it was like to be at the beach in an off season and truly relax.

First, it’s much quieter (of course). The weather is cooler which when you get to be my age is ok. The cost of a three bedroom house was about 1/3 of the price it would have been in peak season. There are no lines at the restaurants. The weather was in the 60’s and 70’s and absolutely beautiful. The tourist destinations are much less crowded.

Picture perfect Nantucket

Now the relaxing part. I love that we made no plans. Literally the week unfolded one day at a time. We’d get up in the morning, drink a big pot of coffee, watch CNN for the latest news, talk about what we were doing, get dressed and head out for the day. Breakfast was big or small, depending on how we felt and if we were going to have lunch or dinner somewhere. And many times, we decided at any given moment where we were going.

Since I’m an event planner, it was a big deal to not plan anything. I always say I do details for a living so I don’t want to do them on vacation. I tried to keep from piping up about what we were doing and when, and I think I did a good job of keeping quiet. Relishing the spontaneity became a simple pleasure.

We ate lunch out some days and dinner only a couple of times. We cooked at the house on the grill and made amazing meals. We drove on the beach in a red Jeep and obeyed the signs that warn- “You will get stuck! You must take your tires down to 15 lbs!” (haha!) I saw sea lions for the first time ever. I think my mouth dropped open when I first realized the nose in the water was a seal and not a dog.

Here’s some of my favorite shots of the week. My friend Lynda’s photos are designated by “LZ”. There’s also a beautiful seal video at the end- thank you Lynda!

Art work in Hyannis
Art work in Hyannis
View from the boat
View from the boat
#6 Weymouth
#6 Weymouth


Couldn’t resist this shot
See that blip?
See that blip? Yep, a sea lion!
LZ - My favorite Lighthouse
LZ – My favorite Lighthouse
LZ- Or maybe this one?
LZ- Or maybe this one?
Thankful for good friends.
Got a chuckle out of this.
Window boxes like out of a magazine!
LZ- Pumpkin paradise
LZ- Pumpkin paradise
The Wauwinet’s Woodie
The Wauwinet
LZ- The Wauwinet Hotel. Gorgeous. We ate lunch on the patio.
LZ- Ed and Lynda
LZ- Ed and Lynda
Jim and I
LZ- Picturesque Jetty
LZ- Picturesque Jetty
LZ- Jeep Ride
LZ- Jeep Ride


LZ- Yours Truly, barefoot on the last day
LZ- Yours Truly, barefoot and talking to the sea lions

It isn’t until I get away for a solid week that I realize how much I needed a vacation. Nantucket was the perfect thing. And when you go away with friends you’ve known for thirty plus years, it makes it even better.

Nantucket, hope to see you again soon.

Where we ate:

The Black Cat Tavern

Fifty Six Union

BYB- Back Yard Barbeque

Toppers at the Wauwinet

The Fog Island Cafe

Places to Visit:

The Lighthouses of Nantucket

The Whaling Museum

Petticoat Row Bakery

Bartlett’s Farm

What’s your favorite beach? Leave a quick comment and tell me about it.

Join me on my graceful journey.

15 Replies to “Life’s a (Nantucket) Beach”

  1. I visited Nantucket years ago as a child with my Grandmother & Aunt. They are both gone now but I still have those lighthouse memories! I also vividly recalll the boat trip to get to the isle! Beautiful pictures Jo. Loooks like a lovely trip.

  2. I refilled my coffee cup twice, Joanne, and clicked on several of the sites you listed. I loved how you truly enjoyed your vacation one day at a time–the name of the boat, Pretty Good, was an understatement–and the walks on the beach and at the lighthouse were delightful. This was so wonderful! Hugs!

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed this post Marylin! I can picture you with a cup of coffee just enjoying the photos and clicking on the links. It was a truly relaxing vacation and it did me lots of good. It was also nice that I came home to sunshine in PA! xo

  3. The photos are gorgeous! The gnome smoking one is hilarious. What a fun and relaxing looking trip. I’ve been going to OCMD since before I was born so we don’t hit too many other beaches. Ocracoke Island in NC is a favorite and we did Hilton Head too last summer and will probably go back. I’ve always wanted to go somewhere beachy this time of year after crowds and weather cool off…maybe one day.

    1. The gnome smoking one IS hilarious! It is nice to meet a fellow friend of OCMD- I love Fisher’s caramel corn on the Boardwalk. I’ve never been to Ocracoke but I know those who have and love it there. Loved your blog on Greed. You go girl 😉 xo

  4. Hi Joanne, I love how your posts come out in the morning. I enjoy reading them in the morning when it is quiet and peaceful, and I can really appreciate the beauty of your words and pictures. Such a great way to start my day!! An awesome vacation with wonderful friends…”it doesn’t get better than that”! I love “one day at a time” vacations. Each day brings unplanned surprises. Something we can’t do during normal workdays at home. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Cindy! I think of you, my sisters, and many others who start the day so early. When I post on a weekday morning, I am thinking of all of you, hoping that you will enjoy my post over your morning coffee. Thank you for your loyalty and kind words. I truly appreciate it. If you have not ever visited Nantucket, I hope you and your Jim go someday. xo Joanne

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