Faith with a Dose of Uncertainty

I’m sitting here in a sunny window, listening to my dog Jordan chomp on the new soup bone my daughter bought her. She is most assuredly enjoying every moment, every bite of that delicious bone. Snow has fallen the last two days and it looks like a Norman Rockwell painting outside.

I saw the headlines today and there is a sadness in the pit of my stomach. I’m trying to process what is going on.ย It would be really scary if it wasn’t so absurd.

My grandparents came over on the boat from Greece and Turkey. They came for the opportunity to have a better life. Each generation since has lived that better life and much of it is owed to my grandparents. When I think of the hardships they faced, the Great Depression, no knowledge of the English language, I am filled with admiration for them.

Yiayia and Papou

I don’t know, I’m not sure, but I think that time will tell. “It will unfold” as I like to say. And as always, it is faith that will get me through the hardest parts. Keeping silent has been difficult at times; I don’t believe in slander, sharing slanted websites, or name calling. That doesn’t work for me.

So for today, I will take nuggets of happiness where I can find them. I will listen to Jordan eating her bone andย I will watch the cardinals come to my bird feeder. I’m feeling a bit under the weather so there’s a pot of soup on the stove. Soon the smell of onions, garlic, and chicken will fill the air. I will pick out a great movie and watch it with wild abandon.

Courage is fear that has said its prayers. Karle Wilson Baker

Join me on my graceful journey.

14 Replies to “Faith with a Dose of Uncertainty”

  1. Hi friend, first, sure hope you feel tip top soon. Sounds like you have chosen wisely. Soup seems to help everything!
    Your grandparents must have been scared and yet in the same breath very brave. What a wonderful foundation of courage they built for you and your family.

    It sounds like your grandparents came here full of hope and looking towards opportunities to thrive. What a really wonderful path they cleared for you and yours. Thinking of them must give you great inspiration & encouragement.

    Ps. Sweet Liberty got a bone this morning, too. Happy Dogs!


    1. Yes, good point! They were very brave. I can’t imagine going to a new country with practically nothing, no knowledge of the language, and starting a new life. Thanks for the well wishes โค, I’m sure I’ll be up and at ‘me in no time.

  2. Joanne, you just made me think of my own grandparents and appreciate the bravery and courage they displayed …not just my grandpparents , but all of them who came to this country hoping for a better way of life. Also, just made me really sad thinking about how the course of many people’s lives changed today!! I wouldn’t have ( nor would my kids or grandchildren) what we have today if it weren’t for the courage & ability of the generations before us to come to America. It must have been really scarey for them. I need to think about that more often and appreciate what I have because if their bravery! Hope you feel better and thanks for making me more grateful and aware today!

    1. I have been thinking of my grandparents all day. They did make sacrifices for us didn’t they? I’m hoping for the best in this current climate of change. We’ll see what happens. Xoxo

  3. Love the quote, Joanne. I am glad you are taking good care of yourself. Thinking of past generations and their experiences does help us cope with whatever we have to face today. It helps me to know that you are in your home, keeping your own values strong and true, because from where I sit, it’s hard not to think that the current US Govt is bent on going to hell in a handbasket, and taking the rest of the world with it. Feel better soon. No snow here but my little dog is asleep beside me on the couch. Outside there is lush greenery and summer flowers; it’s peaceful and quiet. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It is good to hear from you my friend. Your words are reassuring. I am worried, as I have been since the day after the election. I am trying to stay aware but also keep the faith. We’ll see what happens. Any chance you would do a guest post for me sometime in the near future? Email me at

  4. Hi Joanne! I was just in PA last week for my dad’s funeral and at the Chartiers Cemetery where he was buried, is my grandparents graves. A while back, my sister found our great grandmothers grave, too. She immigrated from Switzerland and met my great grandfather here…who was also from the same town in Switzerland! Among my dad’s things, I am finding amazing pieces of memorabilia!
    I hope you feel better soon! I was sick the other day and I just came back from the ER with my youngest grand daughter, who has strep.
    Maybe my next trip to PA will be a good trip and I will get to see you!

    1. Hi Cathy, my sincerest condolences on the loss of your father. โค I love the story of your grandparents and how they met. I didn’t do a thing today and am feeling a little better. I hope your granddaughter feels better soon. Let me know when you come into town again ๐Ÿ˜˜.

        1. I am trying to make time to do consistent writing. The trouble is life gets in the way and I get distracted with other things. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Still I keep the faith and the goal is out there!

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