Expect a Miracle

Photo by Joe Indovina
Photo by Joe Indovina

God is such a show off….Anne Lamott

In a recent development, a close friend of mine has lost her job. I saw Phyllis at a gathering recently and couldn’t help sharing my own experience with job loss. Is it humiliating? Yes. Do you wonder if you should have done something differently? Yes. Does this mean they didn’t like you? (well, we really didn’t say that but we thought it!)

My period following a job loss several years ago actually turned out to be one of the best times of my life. Some financial compensation provided me with enough income to get by and thankfully, I received a job offer that didn’t start for a few months. It was a blessing. I took advantage of the time by doing whatever it was that I had always wanted to do but never had the time for. I went to Florida with friends on a winter vacation (cheap, because one friend of a friend had a time share), cooked great dinners (Jim loved this part), and read lots of great books. I also hung out with my very favorite friends.

I tried to be encouraging to Phyllis but I know it is still tough. It’s so scary, job loss; it touches all your survivor emotions and then some. I’ve been praying ever since for Phyllis to get a brand new job she just loves.

Meanwhile a close friend sent me a text that she knew someone who had a Christmas tree to give away. Cathy said “Do you know anyone who could use a tree?”. I sent a text to Phyllis and she graciously accepted the gift. How’s that for something sweet?

Last night I said to another friend, “I love to stand back and see what God will do”. Because God is magnificent in her execution. I hold the football and she runs forward and kicks the crap out of it. All we have to do is believe. It will be more than just a Christmas tree for Phyllis, I’m sure of it.

Anne Lamott likes to say “God is such a show off”. It’s true. If we but ask then wait for the gifts, amazing things will come about. Miracles occur every day and I’m spoiled…I’ve just come to expect them.

Is there anyone special you know who needs a miracle? Mention their name here (just a first name is fine) and we’ll all send it up to the heavens…

Join me on my graceful journey.

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  1. Glad to hear Phyllis got a tree! I know a few people in need of miracles, but then who doesn’t really need one? So I am lifting up friends and family in need of God’s touch. Miracles remind me that God “Is”. I love your comment about standing back and seeing what God will do. Amazing what happens when we let go and let God. Beautiful post!

  2. Actually, I know many who need a miracle, starting with Jeremy & Tanya. Then there is Sherry. Genevieve is another. I will stop here, but I am going to add my own story about how a job loss turned into a blessing. I had finally found a job I loved! I had never worked in an office before, but my cousin got me a job where she was working. I had been there just over a year when I got laid off. My boss was very angry that the people in the Ohio office decided to get rid of 3 of his people and he went to bat for me. I was off work for a week and brought back because 3 managers asked the bosses “what were you thinking?”. That made me feel really good! 2 months later there was a major lay off…all of the shipping department (where I worked) and tech support were let go. I was on vacation and was told by phone that I no longer had a job. It was tough, but that’s life, right? 6 months later my mom was diagnosed with her second bout of lung cancer. To make a long story short, being off work allowed me to spend time with my mom as her health declined and I was able to be there with her as she took her last breath. I never would have been able to spend that precious time with her if I had been working. God has a plan and in in control.

    1. Cathy, yours is a great story. I swear God sees things coming and just lines things up for us. Your mom is a good example. I will pray for your family- Jeremy and the others- and please know that you are loved and thought of during this holiday season! xo

  3. Wonderful story. And Cathy’s story is a grand thing, too. I know so many who could use a miracle, so I’ll mention my brother, my mom, and even myself, that if my miracle could come other lives would be blessed also. Of course, when I’m traveling through the dark night of the soul, I sometimes wonder if a miracle can come too late or if I’m just barking up the wrong tree (trying to do what shouldn’t be done).

    Thank you for sharing,

  4. Good Morning friend. I love that you ask folks to write you and comment about your blog of the day. Such a lovely gesture.
    I am lifting up the name of a friend’s cousin, Amy. Amy has five children and lives in Alaska. Her husband and father of their children was lost at sea about three months ago. The insurance has been a nightmare waiting game. No job and running out of hope. Please add them to your prayer list? This family needs us as a human race to lift her and her children up. This family needs a miracle.
    Sometimes, it feels like such a privledge to pray for a certain person. Thanks for letting me share. My heart is a bit shakey over this gal. Calling all prayer warriors, you are needed, appreciated and valued.
    Hugs and heartfelt thanks, Daleen

  5. Joanne, just a beautiful blog post!! Actually I read it twice. I will keep Phyllis in my prayers. Iam sure being unemployed is very scary for her! I think a Christmas tree is a beautiful gift, not only to give, but to receive. Hopefully, it will be decorated with many miracles for her!! I feel sure it will !! Praying for all those who need a miracle today, because “miracles do happen”

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