The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel

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When my grandson Gavin was born, there was really no easy Greek translation of his name. So when he was christened, the baptismal name he was given was Gabriel.

Since then, it has been my wish that the Archangel Gabriel watch over and bless my grandson Gavin. And with that thought, I just couldn’t resist the latest book from Hay House Publishers “The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel.”

The author, Ms. Doreen Virtue, has also written a book on Archangel Michael. In her book on Gabriel, Ms. Virtue goes into a biblical history of the Archangel, beginning with the poetic first words he spoke to Mary, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy…..”

From there, the author takes us through chapters of how Gabriel has assisted women through conception and pregnancy, parenting and childhood, and interestingly enough, how the Archangel has affected writers and the way they communicate to others.

For those of us who love to write, Ms. Virtue urges us to press on. “I believe that the desire to write is a signal that it’s part of your life purpose. Those who continually think, I should write, are getting Divine guidance to express heavenly messages through a book, article, blog or other medium. In some cases, Gabriel will suggest journaling or keeping a diary as a way of opening the creative pipelines. Whatever form the writing takes, the process of putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard is soul- stirring.”

I loved that motivation! This book is encouraging and thoughtful, with beautiful pictures and inspirational stories. If you are looking to further your knowledge of Archangels, this is a great book to add to your collection.

And of course, here is my disclosure per Hay House. I get to choose the book I wish to review, it is given to me free of charge, and I am not compensated for my endorsement of this book. This review is my personal opinion.

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10 Replies to “The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel”

  1. Sounds very interesting and her name is known to me…I think i have read a book or 2 of hers. Maybe it’s just from the Angel Cards she does. Gabriel…I think I had a visit with him during a meditation several years ago. What a beautiful Angel he is!

    1. Well, sometimes these books seem one thing when I order them and arrive as something completely different. Such was with this book. I imagined something more….biblical…..but it was in fact informational and inspiring.
      Hope all is well in your Spring part of the world!

      1. Spring is lovely today, thank you. Interesting, for me, is that, until you started your reviews, I didn’t know Hay House publishers. Yet I now have two connections; yours and that of another blogger who has a book which is being published with Hay House I have really enjoyed following along with the whole ‘getting a book published’ scenario. I had no idea it was so lengthy a process.

  2. Thank you for the review, Joanne. Sounds wonderful. I like Louise Hay and learned a lot from her. I also hear that she runs Hay House Publishing in a fair and loving way, that is the employees are treated well. One reason she says she wants to keep it a smaller company.

    The angel Gabriel must really rock. I mean, what he said to John the Baptist’s dad when he questioned the angel’s prophesy, I thought that was pretty cool “I stand before God, and you question me?” Well, I might be paraphrasing, but you get the idea. Mary didn’t question in that way, and her sweetness and acceptance was something stirring, indeed.

    Did the book say if angels have emotions? Because I don’t think they do. Not in the sense that humans do. At least that’s what my dreams have indicated. They don’t get all caught up in an emotion, but are a bit more stoic in seeing a bigger picture.


    1. Hi Marianne!
      I sent one of my past-reviewed books to a fellow blogger sometime this past summer. I would love to send this one to you. Can I do so? Just send me an email with your address to and I’ll send it along.
      Not sure but I don’t think the book mentions the angels having emotions. Mainly it discusses how angels assist and lift us and the great role they play in so much more than we know.
      You are right about what an important role Gabriel played. He is something special!
      xo Joanne

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