Serenity at the Beach

Joanne Jamis Cain- Siesta Key Beach

“In every out thrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.”
Rachel Carson

I look forward to it every year. Some way, some how I get to the beach. It’s not a matter of maybe, it is a matter of when and how.

Thankfully my mom, sisters, and I have made this happen for the past three years. We have been vacationing together for one week on beautiful Siesta Key beach. My mother’s brother Steve and his wife, my Aunt KC, made this happen. They were the ones that encouraged and suggested it. (thank you!)

Mom is coming up on her 88th birthday but she is always game. She loves to see everyone from her hometown and hang out with her three daughters. This year Jim’s Aunt Joy and her daughter Donna came down for an afternoon. Both my cousins, Nick and Steve came down too which made it extra special. I missed Kristen but I did get to see Olivia. It was Taylor’s (my cousin Steve’s daughter) 18th birthday and well, that only happens in once a lifetime.

The family gets in on Taylor’s Birthday!

What can I tell you about this amazing vacation? There were so many wonderful moments- seafood at the oyster bar, the Greek restaurant in St. Pete’s, breakfast on the lanai with the view of the ocean, sunsets to make your heart stop. Siesta Key is truly paradise. White sand, weather in the high 70’s, palm trees outside your window…even weddings on the beach.

If you think you don’t have time for a vacation think again. You must make it happen.  You have to book the week, save your dollars and pennies, and GO. (I hope we can go for two weeks next time!) If you wait, wait, wait, you will never go. Then when you are old you will say, “the heck, why didn’t we take more vacations?”

It seems as soon as I get one hour outside of home my brain begins to relax. I forget about meal planning, responsibilities, bills, you name it. I stick my toe in the sand and sit in my beach chair. There are mini sandwiches in the cooler, cold water bottles, chips, and fruit. I stuck my arm out with a small piece of sandwich in my hand and a seagull took it. No kidding!

We had a challenging stove and between Mary and me we burnt pancakes, hamburgers, and fried eggplant. Oh well! So what! It’s vacation! Many things turned out delicious. Scrambled eggs with basil and tomato. Honestly, I don’t remember much else but everything we ate was wonderful.

I’m going to share some pictures (if you haven’t seen them on Facebook already) so you can motivate yourself to book a vacation. Till next time!

Lunch at Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar.
Flowers Everywhere.
The Acropolis Taverna, St. Pete
Sun kissed and happy at Siesta Key Oyster Bar.
My Sisters Eating Oysters! Notice the money all over the walls!
Donna, Aunt Joy, Moi, and Mom.
The Jamis Girls eating Gelato.
Aqua Water So Clear!
Orange Dusk. Breathtaking.



Join me on my graceful journey.

6 Replies to “Serenity at the Beach”

  1. Hi Joanne, I love your Sunday morning posts! Always a great start my day! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful family filled memories and beautiful pictures!❤❤ I love the picture of you and your mom with your sun kissed faces🌞. ( priceless)! How awesome you got to share an 18th birthday party with family in Fla. The birthday girl looks so much like your sister, who is right beside her. They look like mother & daughter! Doesn’t get much better than family, serenity, and the beach!

    1. Hi Cindy, Thank you so much for your beautiful words. You are right- my cousin and sister do look so similar. ❤ There is nothing better than being with family and making such wonderful memories. Thank you for being a part of my Sunday morning. 😊

  2. Oh, I adore Rachel Carson. Her book, “Silent Spring” is so inspiring.
    I love that you began with her quote. So uplifting……..encouraging us all to plan for and take vacations.
    A time of rest.
    So beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your family and pictures. Beauty all around.
    Does the spirit so much good to stop and breathe.

    I think you found serenity on earth.
    This entire post made me smile.
    I love how you take care of yourself.

    1. Hi Ms. Child! Rachel Carson’s homestead is not far from here so a quote from her seemed fitting. Thank you so much for your lovely words. I am blessed to have wonderful friends and family to make such beautiful memories with! ❤️

  3. Cherish the times spent with the Jamis girls…but don’t get between Cally and Mary and their food! Serious eaters! Always enjoy your posts, Joanne.

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