My Idea of Heaven

On my way home there is a spot on the highway where, if the sun is setting and it’s in exactly the right spot, the brilliance of the rays captures my attention and inspires me to think of heaven.

One day it was lightly raining when I was approaching this spot and I wished I had a camera in my car to capture the image. It was sunny, rainy and hazy all at once (like potential rainbow kind of weather). When my car began to go further into the yellowy haze, I felt momentarily engulfed. For a brief second, I was scared. Then I was not. Then, I was in awe. I wondered is this what the entrance to heaven may be like? The experience lasted less than one minute. But I can bring it up in my mind anytime and I often do.

I grew up hearing about heaven and hell in church. My take on religion when I was a child and later into adulthood was that you either behaved or you were done for. God was the big police officer in the sky.

Thankfully, I no longer believe in a punishing God. I believe in a loving, forgiving God and a God with an occasional great sense of humor. My current views of heaven therefore, can involve some silly stuff. I’ll save some of my thoughts for another blog post, but today I want to share with you my absolute favorite idea of what heaven could be.

various potato dishes: potato chips, hashbrown...
Yay! Endless Potatoes!

My favorite idea of heaven is that of endless potatoes. Yes, you read correctly- potatoes. Potatoes in every way shape or form. Crispy french fries with melted cheese and crumbled bacon on them. Mashed yukon gold potatoes with lots of butter and maybe some roasted garlic cloves smashed into them. Baked potatoes with lots of butter and sour cream. Even sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar.

Get the idea? And, of course none of these would contain any calories whatsoever. I would just eat and eat to my heart’s potato content and none of my potato feasts would show up anywhere on my stomach or thighs!

When I am with potatoes, nothing else really matters but the potatoes. Meat be gone! Salad….for bunnies! I love potatoes! Hopefully, when I walk through those pearly gates, God will be standing there with a big plate of yes, cheesy potatoes!

Join me on my graceful journey.

12 Replies to “My Idea of Heaven”

  1. i also no longer believe in a punishing God, and that changes EVERYTHING in my life. I do believe our loving Abba, Father says that the desires of our heart will be in heaven, so u hold on to your starchy dreams girl! i will have chocolate forests awaiting me one day : ) GREAT blog, and thanks!

  2. Oh for sure you will get your piles of potatoes – isn’t the most common image in the bible of God’s kingdom a gigantic feast?! Eating and drinking with wonderful people will be central to the life after this one, for which I am very glad 🙂

    1. Yes, and I’m sure my long passed but very dear family members will be there to eat with me! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. funny stuff Joanna!! You are a wonderful writer too. I have to come by more often I can see. Living in the moment is the best way to live and feel and be

  4. Potatoes! Yum! It’s funny, my grandson was asking me yesterday about Heaven. He says he can’t wait to go (Scared me with that one!) and wondered if he could have a girlfriend there and if you get married! I think Heaven is full of what we want whether it be a girlfriend/boyfriend or lots of potatoes! I am hoping for coffee and chocolate!
    Great blog, JoAnn!

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