Is it Odd or is it God?

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Weird things have been happening to me lately when I publish my blog posts. Maybe they are not so much weird as they have been possible signs (to me) that maybe, just maybe, I am walking down the right path….

Here’s an example. On the exact day I published my last post “To Amy, With Love”, a new client came into my work place. Usually I never ask a new client what their address is but I had a few moments so I thought, what the heck? Here’s how the conversation went:

ME: Sue, I’d like to add your address to our database. Can you tell me what it is please?

SUE: Sure, it’s 1234 JOE CAIN LANE (blah blah blah city state zip)

ME: (incredulous) I can’t believe it. My name is Joanne Cain. My friends call me Jo Cain. Really? You live on Joe Cain Lane?

HER: Yes I do. (chuckle) Well, that is really a coincidence. I have an Aunt Joanne by the way.

ME: Really? How does she spell her name? Small “a”, with an “e” on the end?

SUE: Yes. Just like yours.

To top this all off, I went to leave for lunch and I almost put HER coat it. It was exactly like mine. Same brand, style and size.

(Yes, I thought about buying a lottery ticket that day!)

Is it odd, or is it God? What do you think?

Join me on my graceful journey.

3 Replies to “Is it Odd or is it God?”

  1. Never odd, always God. But what do you expect from a “church lady” 🙂 Another great post, Jo! God (whoever you believe him/her to be in your life) puts the people in our lives exactly when and where we’re supposed to meet them. Makes life interesting and fun, and I’m almost certain God has a good time watching it all come together.

  2. I don’t know what to believe anymore! I have faith in all that I do that God’s hand will be in it, that He is guiding my steps. On some days there is no doubt every decision I make during the day, every delay and change of mind did meet some kind of destination that was supposed to have been met that day. Other days, I feel lost or disconnected or maybe those are my days off from destinations. Who knows, but cool story. I love when things happen like that.
    I wondered is that odd or is that God when I got my negative back with a stain that appeared to look like a king of old at the time of Chirst, in one of my rainbow pictures that was stained because of being processed during the 2003 blackout. You can check it out on, about pogirl page. I like your blog, have a blessed day!

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