Today’s the Day!

Danina and Preston, Electric Lime Photography
Danina and Preston, Electric Lime Photography

Today’s the day, we’ll say “I Do” and we’ll never be lonely any more. Chapel of Love

My sister Mary was a huge Bette Midler fan when we were all growing up. I can still hear us singing the lyrics to “Chapel of Love” when Bette made this song famous once again in 1972.

It is this song that has been ringing in my ears for the last several days. One of my favorite people in the world is getting married today. It is Danina, above, who is marrying her sweetheart Preston. I’m not going to say too much about them, well, because I want to keep the good vibes going. And because I may get emotional, start to cry, and not be able to finish this post. 🙂

So I’m going to talk about my favorite moments at a wedding. Those moments that I truly adore, I wait for, and I believe are gifts from God. I can’t believe when I get to be part of another wonderful wedding day. I am truly blessed.

Here we go:

  1. The moment I see the bride in her wedding dress. Usually her mom and bridesmaids are there with her when she puts it on. The bride may step into her dress or decide to put it on over top of her head. If this happens, sometimes there is a ton of net to navigate and the giggling starts. When the mother sees her daughter in THE DRESS, this is when we all shed a few tears.
  2. When we (the bridesmaids + bride) begin the walk to the where we will meet the groom. This walk is hugely poignant. It is a symbol of “I am ready. I want to be with this person forever.” We walk slowly and usually someone is holding the bride’s train. She is holding her bouquet. It is really showtime.
  3. After the ceremony, when the bride and groom walk up the aisle as a wedded couple. I am usually the first person to congratulate them! This is not the moment to tell them what to do next. I squeeze, hug, and kiss them and say “Congratulations!”. This is important. They are important. This is probably my absolutely favorite thing.
  4. Their first dance. I love this part. I will always stop what I am doing and watch. And take pictures. Usually you can see everyone holding their breath. It’s magical.
  5. When I kiss everyone goodbye at the end of the night. Usually by this point everyone is tired but happy. The night has gone grandly, its been beautiful, and they will remember it forever. We have become almost family. I practically feel like family. And I will remember them all for a long, long time.

So there you have it. My favorite moments. Do me a favor today and send Danina and Preston your best wishes for a happy life together. They are a beautiful couple.

Electric Lime Studios
Electric Lime Studios
Join me on my graceful journey.

14 Replies to “Today’s the Day!”

  1. Joanne, how exciting to be such a big part part of something so very special! Iam sure it is a very emotional experience ♡ I can almost feel the anticipation and excitment through your words. Congratulations to the couple!! Enjoy…

  2. I’m still smiling at this, Joanne. Yesterday we attended our great niece’s country wedding. They met at the University of Wyoming, and so beneath her beautiful gown and the gowns of her bridesmaids, all the women wore their cowboy boots. Of course the men wore cowboy hats with their tuxedoes, and the bouquets and table flowers were sunflowers with wheat and berries.
    The love was palpable, and we all were teary.

    1. Country weddings are really IN! This wedding I did was a barn wedding and though it was a tad bit chilly, everyone had a great time! The barn, the sky vistas, the sunflowers, were all gorgeous. I love that you were at a country wedding just the day before this Marylin. xo

  3. Danina (what a beautiful name!) and Preston, may God shine His face upon you, bless your marriage with His example of Love, give you children around your table full of laughter and joy, faith and favor, and may He bless you with a long satisfying life. Amen! And yes, CONGRATULATIONS!!

    Joanne, this is a beautiful post as always. Thank you for sharing.

    Marianne xox

      1. As you know I’ve been with this sinus thing and I think like you it will be lasting two weeks. My place is coming along nicely, and I soon hope to share some photos and some wonderful lessons with them. I love your posts, Joanne. You are a very talented writer. ♥

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