Writing, Faith….and Chocolate Truffles

I took the brave step this past weekend of creating a Facebook page to go with my Katherine’s Daughter blog. Now I will admit, I am a fan of technology but not a brave one. I hesitantly step along (almost as if I am walking through a lawn laced with dog poo) tap tap tapping on my new fancy cell phone, adding clever things to my blog (note the Goodreads section), occasionally tweeting and all the while doubting whether I am doing things right or not.

Note: I have to blame my weekend Facebook/Blog adventure on my sister Mary. She encourages me, so believes in me (Cally too, but Mary is a real motivator!), that sometimes when I talk to her, I think I am Superwoman.

So Saturday morning, with coffee cup in hand, I began to create the Facebook page. Within a half hour, I became instantly overwhelmed. I wondered if I did it wrong, wondered if I should be doing it at all, blah blah blah, Good Lord, what am I possibly thinking!! Jim, sensing my oncoming headache, offered to take me out to lunch. I said yes. Thank goodness, for Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza and those delicious wings.

When I returned, I bravely checked my Facebook page. To my amazement, my friends were slowly starting to LIKE me (thank you!!). Just like Sally Field, they LIKED ME! I am feeling much better now and, thankfully, not so overwhelmed. Also, my daughter’s paramour gave her a delicious box of chocolate truffles that I must admit, seem to smooth out all those rough edges of worry and moments of insanity.

The Yummy Truffles!

If you are wondering why I am doing all this- the blog, the writing, the Facebook- I will tell you this…I am really not sure. All I am sure of is… I am following my dream of writing to you. I want to share my thoughts, inspire and walk hand in hand with you while we both look for the Grace and Love that is present in our everyday life. It’s here and I can feel it.

That said, I am not good at self promotion. You will not see me pushing you to read, share or even comment on my blog posts or Facebook page. That is up to you. If you decide to do those things, I admit they are meaningful to me because it means I have touched a cord within you.

I’m just going to have Faith that I am going in the right direction. I will keep going, one day at a time….and…. I’m taking a few of those truffles with me! Thanks for walking along and being a part of it all!

Join me on my graceful journey.

9 Replies to “Writing, Faith….and Chocolate Truffles”

  1. Those truffles look incredibly delicious!

    I know what you mean about finding Facebook pages overwhelming… I still haven’t dared start my own because I’m so worried that nobody will LIKE me. Haha.

    1. If you have a regular Facebook acct. you will be prompted to send a invite to your friends, letting them know of your new page. This helped alot and I have a few friends/family that stepped right up and supported me. Good luck and thanks for commenting!

  2. My cousin and I have thought about starting a Facebook page for our blog. I think she is concerned about people being able to know who we are…and who we are talking about. She went through and changed all the names of the children. I have a friend who posted a link to my blog on her Facebook page and it was well accepted. I enjoy writing and usually positive…my cousin is dealing with a lot on her plate and has the tendency of writing in a negative tone. Maybe she is trying to hide that. What is your suggestion?
    Peach State

    1. Hi Peach State! I would ask you: What are your goals?”. My goal is to eventually publish a book on Grace in everyday life. For that reason, I have learned that it is easier to sell books/find a publisher when you have a great presence via social media. Beyond that, it is still work to build a readership but the social media engines (like Facebook and Twitter) are a great assistance. I will tell you that when I share my posts on Facebook, it always drives my stats up. Good luck and keep writing!

  3. Oh, I love writing, faith, and truffles, so I see I’m in good company. So happy you came to visit me at Leisure Lane, and look forward to reading more from you. I’m always learning to Trust in God for all things. Ask, and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened, (and speak and you shall have).

    May you be blessed today,

    1. Marianne, it is so great to meet you. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love that we will become friends!

  4. Hello, this is my first (and far from last visit). What a lovely blog I have stumbled upon. Your writing makes me feel like I am having a cup of coffee at your kitchen table. I am smiling. Your kind spirit has enveloped me with grace. Thanks for sharing your kindness through your words.
    I will be back and will bring friends with me!

    1. That is exactly what I am aiming for- a chat at the kitchen table! So glad we found each other! I love your blog too!

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