What Speaks of Love?

The Bonfire

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” ― Mother Teresa

I was loading socks into Jim’s dresser drawer when I remembered a moment in time. It was a flashback to a conversation between Jim and our close friend John.

Jim had asked John what act of his wife’s spoke of love? John thought for a moment and said “The smell of dinner when I drive up my driveway! That spells LOVE to me!”, said John in his big, beautiful voice. I braced myself for what Jim would say. “A drawer full of socks, John. I love when I open my drawer and see it full of socks.”

Since then I have remembered what filling up that sock drawer means to Jim. It speaks of my love for him. It took me only a moment (and thirty years of marriage) to realize how much he appreciated it.

What does Jim do for me that I love? He builds great campfires. He sets up the logs in a nice, stacked fashion, utilizes newspaper strategically, and sometimes even gets creative with a few charcoal briquets just to get things going.

I once told Jim that his fires “flickered in all the right places.” He loved that and says it’s one of the nicest things I have ever said to him.

When I think about it, it’s really those little things that sometimes mean the most. I try and pay attention to what I do for the special people in my life- my kids, my mom, my grandson, my family, my friends. Thoughtful and kind acts are not necessarily about great or expensive gifts. Meaningful acts of loving kindness can be simple and sweet, inexpensive and lovely.

I like to take my mother a mason jar of flowers from my yard when I visit her. Or, I take her something special from the farmer’s market- those little zucchini, an eggplant or some fresh green beans. I know how much she likes those kinds of things.

This weekend, I hope someone does something special for you and vice versa. Have a great holiday!

Does someone you know do something especially kind for you? Or do you have a great memory of a parent or loved one from your past? Here’s your chance to share it with us and give us some good ideas!

Join me on my graceful journey.

16 Replies to “What Speaks of Love?”

  1. So true, how the seemingly small gestures are the most important. This is not quite the same, but I love the way my little dog and cat greet me so sweetly and sleepily in the morning. Until they realise that I may actually be able to provide food and then they go ‘mad’.

  2. Something small…I was having a rough day. I release my emotions through tears and my 3 year old grand daughter said (In a way only a 3 year old can!) “Don’t cry grandma…you’re still my best friend!”. The tears of frustration turned to tears of gratitude for this little girl who means so much to me! An unexpected hug, a simple message of a smiley face or “i hope you have a good day” from a friend on facebook, or a text from someone I love that just says “I’m thinking of you”…those are the things that mean so much to me.

  3. Beautiful, Joanne, simply beautiful! But ‘campfire’? That’s more like a bonfire, you know, the kind they danced around blessing the earth mother for the bountiful harvest, while the moon is full…the smell of burning wood and moist autumn air, wild and free…Ahhh… 😉 Love your posts, and thank you for that image, I’m looking forward to autumn now. May you and Jim have many more years to build memories of sock-filled drawers and warm campfires to snuggle up to on cool nights.

    Love and hugs,
    Marianne xox

  4. Hi Joanne, what a beautiful post.! When I think of kindness or ” what speaks of love” it reminds me that it is not doing something for someone else because they can’t, but because you can!!! I can make my own coffee, but my husband has made it for me every morning for 44 years!! He no longer can do that, however, it is enlightening that we both feel & appreciate the love from that small act of kindness . My mom would never come to our house without bringing us something she has just baked, , a bottle of dishsoap, paper towels( from the Dollar Store)” etc. Such little acts of kindness & thoughtfulness “speak of love”! Wow, appreciating your socks being folded certainly ” speaks of love” & vise versa!!

  5. Thank you Joanne for this delightful reminder of how easy it is to brighten a day for someone. I adore the ‘socks in the drawer’ sweetness that we can find on our day-to-day married life. And this wise statement would make a wonderful poster, card or t-shirt: “Meaningful acts of loving kindness can be simple and sweet, inexpensive and lovely.” Wise words indeed. Thank you again for another one of your heart-warming posts. Blessings, Gina

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