The Sound of Silence

Silence is a source of great strength.  ~Lao Tzu

I realized, as I was on a social media site this week, that a couple of my normally vocal and oft-posting friends seem to be taking a break. Translation: wow, it’s kind of quiet…

My big fundraiser project is over, the meetings are over, the wrap up is over, summer is over…..yes, it’s really quiet.

Photo by Michelene Cain

It’s mid-October. It’s dark earlier now and I love to curl up in a blanket and read or relax. The peace feels really good, welcoming in fact as compared to the more hectic and packed long, summer days.

That said, it is usually not quiet at my house. There are four of us under one roof of a small, ranch style house. There is a noisy, over exuberant yellow lab thrown into the lot. People like to drop by, hang out, have a cup of coffee. Holidays are usually big, messy and loud with a ton of people and eating, eating, eating….

If it sounds like I secretly love all this, you are right. I do. However, I have also been known to sneak off somewhere in busy moments, to disappear for a few minutes, just to bring myself back to center. I have to take a break to pause, to rest, to connect with my source of inspiration.

I think solitude is necessary for our spirit. It is nourishing, revitalizing, and somewhat selfish. But it is a good selfish. The kind of selfish that’s necessary to recharge our batteries and connect with a source of inspiration and grace. It’s a fuel to keep us going.

I’m going away with some good friends this weekend in a setting of quiet woods. I’m thinking about the fun we’re going to have, the laughter and the good times. The thought of those moments of quiet solitude that I will find there too appeals to me as well. I’m looking forward to it all.

Have a quiet, lovely, joyous weekend my friend.

Photo by Terri Ruggeri
Join me on my graceful journey.

4 Replies to “The Sound of Silence”

  1. First, Joanne, beautiful autumn foliage. Second, you are so right about being in the quiet. Centering is more than necessary, and most of us don’t do it. Becoming unbalanced is being all shaken up inside; scattered and uncontrolled. It can be quite frightening, so many will take that out on others…like when they drive on the road.

    You are quite blessed to have a houseful during the holidays. Blessed to have people wanting to be in your presence. And you are blessed also to take some time for yourself to be quiet and connect with your Source.

    May you enjoy a delightful weekend with friends, and find new inspiration during this quiet season.

    Sending hugs,
    Marianne xo

  2. Thank you friend for the gentle reminder. I am one of those people who need to be gently nudged into a quiet space once in a while. You have a lovely way of encouraging others. No finger wagging from you, just grace and kindness. “the circle of wellness is supported by (both) movement and stillness” m. radmacher-hershey

    I wish you a peace filled weekend Graced with quiet times and laughing times among friends.

    1. I had a wonderful, quiet weekend filled with friends and fall foliage! Look for a blog post soon with some great pictures! xo Joanne

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