The Saturday “Not So” Blizzard

Olivia Marie and her favorite doll
Olivia Marie and her favorite doll

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”
Coco Chanel

The day started off pretty simple. I had signed up for a cupcake class from my friend Brandi. She’s a Wilton instructor and the owner of her own cake business, Event Cakes PGH. During the winter, it pays to look for something creative to do and one of Brandi’s classes was just the ticket.

This was too much fun!
This was too much fun!

My daughter Michelene was due to meet me right after class. We were headed to our cousin Nick and (his wife) Kristen’s house. Kristen had offered Michelene some professional clothes, as Michelene has a special work conference coming up in April.

I had checked the weather that morning. I knew there was some snow predicted but ultimately, I left it up to Michelene to decide. She said let’s go.

The ride to Nick and Kristen’s was smooth. No problems. A snowflake here or there but overall a pleasant drive. We arrived and Olivia Marie (their three year old daughter) was there to greet us in her Valentine’s Day red dress and silver tights.

I hung out with Olivia while Michelene and Kristen looked over the clothes. Kristen’s house was warm and pretty, with fresh tulips and roses on the counter. Nick arrived soon after, with more flowers, and we settled in for a nice catch up conversation.

Around 1pm I looked at Michelene and said we should go. She agreed, so we said our good byes and headed out. All was fine until we went off of 70 West, onto 79 North. It was like suddenly crossing an imaginary line. The weather went from nothing to a big something. Snow came down so hard I could barely see to drive.

The view from my windshield
The view from my windshield

So I did something I don’t believe I’ve ever done before. I pulled over. I said to Michelene, we’re going to wait this out just a bit. I went onto the berm of the road and put my flashers on. Soon, a few others did the same and we were like a mini line of flashing red cars.

Michelene checked the weather map on her phone and then apologized for getting us in the middle of the storm. I wasn’t worried. I knew the original forecast was for one to three and already one inch had fallen before we even left that morning. I told her not to worry.

And sure enough, about fifteen minutes later, the visibility improved. The scraping road truck went by and we pulled out shortly afterwards. We took our time and probably didn’t go above thirty miles an hour (like every one else) until we got off the interstate. The roads were better then and the snow had stopped.

When I told my mom this story, she asked me if I was scared. I said No. I knew what the forecast was and that the snow was predicted to be intermittent. I felt confident that we were not in danger. It was not so much a blizzard as a bit of a blizzard.

And I’ll tell you, it was worth it all to spend some quality time with Olivia Marie. She is the sweetest little girl and we had a good time together drawing on the artist board she got for Christmas. And I am thankful for Kristen, who was so giving of herself to share her beautiful clothes with Michelene.

Just too sweet
She’s the best Valentine
Join me on my graceful journey.

13 Replies to “The Saturday “Not So” Blizzard”

  1. When I first looked at the picture of Olivia Marie, I thought she was a mini Joanne! I can see both Michelene and John in her adorable face!
    I am thankful that you got home safely!
    I spent a large portion of my Valentines Day at the hospital…not the first Valentines evening I spent there, lol, but for a different reason! The first time I was giving birth….this time because my grand daughter was so sick. She had 2 front teeth removed earlier in the day and then she ran a fever and was vomiting, so instead of cooking steaks on the grill for my son’s birthday I was sitting in the ER eating sugar free mints because that is all I had! My poor baby girl is fine and looks even cuter with the gap in her teeth!
    Have a good week and stay warm!

    1. That wasn’t a very fun way to spend Valentine’s Day! I’m glad all is well!
      I do see the resemblances in Olivia and my childhood pictures. But I was just wondering if that was wishful thinking. Thank you for noticing- I love that we both hold some familiar features.
      xo Joanne

  2. Miss Olivia Marie, looks like she could be your grandgirlie. Such a sweet, innocent face.
    I for one am so glad you and your daughter are safe and sound .
    Yikes, you guys have gotten your share of intense weather.
    Stay warm my friend.
    Loved your cupcakes, too.
    I adore how you find classes, or projects to keep spirits up in the winter months.
    You are one smart cupcake!
    hugs from a balmy 43* Spanaway.

    1. Miss Olivia is definitely a charmer. 🙂
      And I agree, we have had our share of intense weather. I am optimistic though that we are almost out of the woods.
      Glad to hear of your 43 degree. It makes me feel warmer just thinking of it.

  3. On Sunday we had a “bit of a blizzard” too, Joanne. Without warning, though, and ours went from blue skies and soft sunlight to a sudden white-out storm. Near horizontal blizzard blowing. And then after a half hour or so, it changed its mind and moved on!
    But we didn’t have a precious little hostess. 🙂
    You had a wonderful winter adventure!

  4. Olivia Marie is as beautiful as her name. A child’s smile and attention and keep the heart warm. I’m so happy you made it through. You have a wonderful way of story-telling. I always enjoy your posts.

    I know what you mean about snowing so hard you can’t see to drive. I remember rains here that were so heavy I couldn’t see to drive. It’s a scary feeling, but thank God he sees us through!

    Joy to you this day, Joanne,
    Marianne xox

    1. Hello Marianne!
      I could not think of anything but happiness looking at Olivia Marie. It’s been a while since my grandson was that young. It was pure precious to be with her.
      God definitely sees us through.
      Joy to you too,
      Joanne xoxo

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