The Penthouse Suite of My Mind

Isn’t it amazing what we choose to focus on?

The above image arrived on a piece of mail recently and I just had to take a picture of it. I stared at it for a time, had a good chuckle and then spent a few minutes thinking about it.

Here is my take on the image. There is so much that matters to me and much of it I do not have control over. This includes my family, my kids, my job, my volunteer projects, etc. etc. etc. It is impossible to keep my mind and attention on “everything” important to me, therefore I choose what is meaningful for that day or that moment.

My mind likes to work overtime on worry and predicting the future. Yes, I like to think I have a crystal ball in my head but really I do not. Taking the most mundane thought or concern and turning it into a ridiculous mountain is a part time hobby of mine. Thankfully, an article I read once compared the mind to a house with rooms. It said: if our thoughts are overwhelming us, we can get up and move to another room. We don’t have to “live” in the negative room of worry and self defeat.

I thought this was a remarkable concept.

Since then, when I get carried away in a room of negative thinking, I try and remember to get up and move to another room in my Mind House. Though I can still hear noise from the negative room, I only hear it as mumbling or whispering. In my “new” room, the style and decor is plush and comfortable. The sofa is very soft and has lots of pillows. There is a fantastic view of woods, a lake, wildlife and flowers through the window. I call this room the “Penthouse Suite” of my mind.

If you’re thinking this is purely a form of meditation, you are right. But I have to tell you, it works. The Penthouse is often times where I fall asleep at night. I have to put aside my worries about today or thoughts about tomorrow and imagine I am on that plush sofa.

Keeping my mind focused on positive things is a mental exercise I practice everyday. And, I believe it is possible to train my mind to head to the Penthouse when things get a bit hairy. I’d prefer the plush sofa over worry anytime.

What does the opening image mean to you? What do you “focus” on?

Join me on my graceful journey.

12 Replies to “The Penthouse Suite of My Mind”

  1. Good Morning Joanne, what an incredible spin-off of the Serenity Prayer. Wow, I couldn’t think of a more helpful way to cope with the things we cannot change….move to a new room of our mind and the decor changes…..
    beautifully said! I think I shall sleep in the penthouse!

  2. Wow Joanne, that is a really cool idea! I tend to focus on my kids and grand kids right now. It’s a stressful time here and there are many times I need that “penthouse” time. It’s hard to find a quiet place with 9 of us living here and often worry and doubt take center stage. I need to wade through the cluttered rooms and find that penthouse suite. It’s there. Somewhere.

    1. Wow, nine in one house! That’s amazing….I think I’d be running to the Penthouse on a regular basis! Blessings to you Cathy and thanks so much for commenting! Joanne xo

  3. Hi, Joanne….Great post. And so timely…With so many thoughts going through my head, I am in much need for tremendous effort in producing balance in my being. Between work and a few dentist appts., I am worn out. Thank you for the reminder.

    Enjoy a new week, dear one,
    Marianne xo

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