The Next Princess


“Weaver” in Greek. In The Odyssey, Penelope is the wife of Odysseus who faithfully awaits his return for 20 years. (source)

My daughter Michelene was the only granddaughter on my husband’s side of the family for a long time. She is the oldest, followed by many grandsons- John, Brian, Colin, Jerra, Daniel, Josh, and Jake. (this picture is probably fifteen years old!)

Michelene the Princess Among the Boys
Michelene, the Princess Among the Boys

So we were all very excited when my nephew Jerra had a girl. Michelene declared Ms. Deanna the “Princess, Heir to the Throne.” This was a title most fitting since she would be the next in line to inherit the role of Princess Cain.

Deanna, Heir to the Throne
Deanna, Heir to the Throne

Now we are expecting a new princess. My son John and his sweetheart Jessica are expecting a baby girl! And she is due on January 9 which is John’s birthday of all coincidences. A girl! How wonderful! So now, we have another princess in line to the throne. 🙂 The name John and Jess are considering for her is PENELOPE.

I have to tell you, I was almost certain that John and Jess would be having a girl. Let me tell you why.

When my grandmother passed away years ago she left a pearl necklace. I asked my Aunt KC if I could have it and she said yes. I wore it on and off and soon the string began to stretch. More than one person encouraged me to have the pearls re-strung.

I took the necklace to the jeweler. They asked what size I wanted it. I decided to convert it from a long strand to a shorter one so it would be closer to my neckline.

When I picked up my new necklace, the jeweler offered me a small bag of the unused pearls. I took a look at those pearls and had only one thought. If someday John would give me a little girl, I would have those pearls made into a bracelet for her.

So here we are. Fast forward probably five years at least. I will have a pearl bracelet made and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Penelope's Pearls
Penelope’s Pearls




Join me on my graceful journey.

21 Replies to “The Next Princess”

  1. Felicitations, Joanne!! And I’m so excited for John and Jess. Blessings for their future. And the name is perfect, too. It makes me wish I could begin again to think about doing some small illustrations for my children’s book series – the main character has the same name.

    Delight in your day,

    1. WOW! It is a Penelope kind of day. I found out today is a St. Penelope day (of sorts) in the Orthodox church as well.
      How wonderful the way that God weaves his magic. 🙂
      If you write another Penelope story, please let me know!
      xoxo Joanne

  2. Heartfelt Congratulations!!!!

    Penelope’s Pearls sounds like a children’s book that needs to be written.

    I am just giddy for you and Jim and family. What a wonderful reason to celebrate!
    Here’s to you and your amazing princess & pure goodness!
    Grandma Daleen
    (Grandma to Zoe, Adelaide & Cooper…………… job on earth!)

  3. Heartfelt Congratulations!

    Certainly a wonderful reason for celebrating!!!!

    Princess Penelope sounds like the perfect children’s book. What fun to watch her story unfold.

    Here’s to you and the amazing princess and pure goodness!

    Giddy for you, Jim and the whole family.


    Grandma Daleen
    (Grandma to Zoe, Adelaide & Cooper………… job in the land)

    1. I love all your comments Daleen! Thank you for not giving up. (I’m sorry you had trouble!)
      Maybe I will write a Princess Penelope book. That would be awesome.
      I am giddy too. Thank you from one grandma to another.

  4. What a sweetheart of a post, Joanne. I love the pictures, especially of your daughter holding down the fort among all the boys. Our grandmother had 8 grandsons and 5 granddaughters, but it was close enough that the girls “mothered” the little boys until they avoided us.
    At birth, each of the girls was given 19 pearls centered on a gold chain, bequeathed by our great-aunt who had not children, and at birth each of the boys were given 19 pearls in a little jeweler’s box to be kept for their wives. I thought that was very nice.

    1. Marylin, your story about the pearls is wonderful. How sweet of a gift.
      My daughter certainly held the fort down for a long time. It’s nice that she will have two other girls now for company.
      Thank you for sharing your story about your grandmother’s pearls. It’s lovely.

  5. Hi Joanne, what a lovely surprise! Life starts “all over for us” when we become a grandparent! This story is beautiful and what a nice gift it will be to give to her some day! When all the excitement of the holidays is over, you will be anxiously waiting to meet your precious little granddaughter ♡♡ How exciting is that!! Congratulations to you and your family! I love her name

    1. You are right Cindy! How nice that the winter will be spent with my new granddaughter. This is something to rejoice in.
      Thank you so much for your heartfelt wishes. I truly appreciate them.
      xoxo Joanne

  6. This is wonderful news Joanne. Congratulations to you all. Penelope will treasure the pearls. Tuck the story of their origin and a copy of this post into the box when you gift them. 🙂

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