The Honey Party


The day started out a bit overcast but before you knew it the sun was out in full and warming the day. As Jim prepared the yard with tables and chairs, I drizzled goat cheese with reserve honey and sprinkled it with chopped walnuts. Then I set plates, silverware, cups and drinks on the counter. The salads I had prepared were ready in the fridge, the guests were pulling up the driveway….

What I didn’t realize was the true number of people we had invited to our first Honey Party. In our excitement, Jim and I each kept inviting more and more guests, not really keeping track of how many we had invited! So when 4:15pm rolled around, the cars and guests and children began to arrive. More and more but oh well! How exciting!

DSC_0051First, Jim gathered the children around and gave a lesson on bees, honeycomb and honey. Then he donned his beekeeper outfit and along with our nephew Jake, pulled six frames from our two year old hive. Then the frames were carefully loaded into the spinner and the children each lined up for a turn at the crank.

Around and around the frames went. Soon there was honey dripping from the bottom of the spinner! It was the color of light sunshine and the taste was unbelievable. Sweet and mellow, it was the end result of the spring flowers the bees had been feasting on for the last couple of months.

DSC_0065As our guests munched on grilled hotdogs and lots of fun food contributions, the spinning went on for another hour or so. Finally the reward for all that cranking. Bowls of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with fresh honey, strawberries, whipped cream and little honey bear grahams were assembled on the outside picnic table. The kids licked their spoons and pronounced honey and ice cream their new favorite.

Best of all, my mom was present for this momentous occasion. She greeted old friends and even made a few new ones. Aunt Joy made a favorite dessert of mom’s that included pistachios and whipped cream. It was indeed a blessing to have mom participate in this wonderful day of love and friendship.

As Jim and I climbed wearily into bed that night, we remarked on what a beautiful day it had been. Many more people showed up than we expected but secretly, we loved this. The real show stoppers that day though were the bees themselves. Their honey was amazing.

Thanks to my daughter Michelene for the great pictures!

Liquid Gold!
Liquid Gold!
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18 Replies to “The Honey Party”

  1. Oh Joanne, I’ve really wanted my own hives and thought I’d start that when I retired. I had some students who raised bees and they told me how great it was—I haven’t jumped in yet—still just a honey aficionado sans any hives….just gathering it from all my journeys near and far…looks so great and tasty too 🙂

    1. Hi Cookie,
      Jim educated himself before he jumped into beekeeping. And he continues to go to seminars, etc and talk to other beekeepers. I hope you decide to pursue it someday as it is really a rewarding hobby! Joanne

  2. Oh Joanne how I wish I could of been there. It has been to long since I have seen my family. It sounds like a great party. Tell everyone I send my love and will try to see everyone soon. Love Linda

  3. Loved the party. Felt like I was there, you are a gifted writer. Such a happy celebration. Here’s to you and your Mr. Right………..what a wonderful thing you are doing to keep our bees all humming away. Thanks for sharing your wonderful afternoon with us.
    Made me feel happy just reading your story.
    I for one, will be having fresh honey on my oatmeal tomorrow morning!
    I will raise my spoon to you, your husband and your colony of bees!!!
    Hugs from the left coast.

  4. What a wonderful story! So nice the children had the opportunity to actually see, and then appreciate & enjoy (yummy) what nature gives back to us!!!! It is amazing!! The pictures made your story come to life, and your words made my mouth water…ice cream & strawberries & honey (hhhhmmmm)!

  5. OH, what fun, Joanne! It all sounds like a wonderful early summer day full of family, friends and lots of love. I, too, am so very grateful and happy that your mother was able to attend. Hug her gently for me and really feel her.

    I was still ‘fiddling’ with my post when you commented. And after reading your comment I added just a touch more to the post. I’m doing well, thank you, and getting to know my spirit mother, while lovingly remembering my physical mother.

    Marianne xo

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