The Beauty of Summer

Hibuscus 2014Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. Sam Keen

We are deep into summer and it seems I cannot get enough of this beautiful weather.

Given the past couple of years between menopause and my mom’s illness I was hardly one to relish, let alone, enjoy the summer heat. This summer feels different. I can tolerate heat in moderation and when I can’t, well, there’s air conditioning!

Astromelia 2014

Here’s what I am truly loving. The sun. The longer days. The hummingbirds flying through my yard and settling on the beautiful flowers. Grilling delicious vegetables from the local farmer’s market. Loving these lillies that Michelene planted last year!

Star Lillies

Roses 2014

The roses are enjoying the sun too and the ample rain that seems to come on a regular basis. I take the time to water during dry spells and I trim the dead leaves and flowers when they are spent. My reward is that they keep coming.

Basil 2014

I hope you are having a beautiful summer. Take time to enjoy it!

Squash Flowers

What’s growing in your garden?

Join me on my graceful journey.

21 Replies to “The Beauty of Summer”

  1. Neither of my thumbs are green, but i love hydrangeas. My family received some in arrangements when my dad passed in march, so i now have some planted in front of my house. We live in a townhouse so, i can’t really say it’s a “garden”. But we did our best planting them – two moderate sized plants – one pink, one blue.

    After some concerns and stripping both of all their leaves – they were just green sticks! But now they are fully grown back and are showing a few buds on the blue one. Now that they are in new soil and fertalized – i can’t wait to see what color they will be!

  2. The only thing I haven’t killed are my Lillies! Too bad they don’t last that long! The kids have a small garden planted with a variety of small flowers that seems unaffected by my black thumb, LOL!
    Your flowers are beautiful and I miss the PA summers. Here it is just too hot to enjoy. Spring and fall are the seasons I enjoy the most!

    1. Hello Cathy! We miss you here! Can’t wait for your next trip to PA!
      It is so good that your grandkids have a garden- Michelene has grown up with quite a green thumb and that is what gardening in childhood can do!
      xo Joanne

  3. Lovely garden, Joanne, and your basil is beautiful – full and so green – I can almost smell its goodness.

    Blessings for more quiet moments in your garden,

    Marianne xo

  4. Almost all your pictures could have come from my garden and yard, Joanne, so we definitely have a connection. For almost a full week, Colorado had daily rains, and the lawns and vegetables and flowers responded beautifully. My zucchini blossoms are huge, brilliant yellow and promising a great crop.
    A friend (who doesn’t especially like zucchini) says I should clip off the blossoms, chop them into strips and fast-fry them with sesame seed oil. I won’t; there’s something so wonderful about watching your garden grow and following every stage be what it’s meant to be.

    1. Hi Marylin- I think we have so many similarities about our lives. I can picture your beautiful Colorado garden in full bloom.
      I’m tempted to cut just a few squash blossoms, stuff them with goat cheese and lightly fry them. I mentioned this to my son who promptly sent me a link to a recipe! Turns out there are male and female blossoms and you should only pick the males. 🙂
      I may yet try this but I agree with you- I love to watch every stage! Blessings, Joanne

  5. Hi Joanne, I love the picture of your basil plant in between those pretty flowers. It is such a vibrant color of green & I actually thought I smelled it’s sweetness. I “just” went out & bought a plant & planted it at my new house. I love basil in a tomato, cucumber, & pepper salad with olive oil & vinegar, fresh garlic &salt & pepper! Of course, crusty Italian bread too! You gotta appreciate summer!!

    1. Hi Cindy! I plant basil every summer! I love the fragrance of it and it always reminds me of my maternal grandmother Marie. She grew a plant in summer and used it in her cooking or salads. Sometimes she’d put a piece behind her ear!
      There is a day in September for recognition of St. Basil and several of our church members take their basil plants to the service. The basil lines the picture of the saint and our priest uses the basil during his service.
      So glad you went and bought a plant!
      xo Joanne

    1. I would have loved to plant some rosemary but I was a bit late getting to the herbs. I love that you have all those wonderful things in your garden! Hope you take some pictures and write a post!
      xo Joanne

  6. Since I’m moving, I planted a “token garden” as part of my condo selling effort. Just picked a fresh tomato yesterday–the first of the summer. I also have zucchini. How can you tell which blossom is male and which blossom is female? In my new home, there’s no garden planted this year since we gained access too late to plant anything, but I’ve been picking raspberries and apricots. 🙂 Love your basil plant, Joanne. This winter, I’ll be planning where I want to plant my garden next spring.

  7. Hello Joanne! I’ve been away from blogging for a while and am delighted to come here to catch up and see this bright and beautiful post. Absolutely lovely. Your Basil and Zucchini look happy too. I am not wired for hot weather either so I also give thanks for A/C! And you’re so right – how delightful are these long days and freshly grilled veggies. Yum! Just for fun, although I hope your settings don’t grab this comment as ‘suspect’ if I add a link, here’s a post I did about my little veggie garden:
    Hugs, Gina

    1. Hi Gina! So good to hear from you! I caught up on a few of your blog posts the other day and will check the link you sent. Blessings to you for a lovely rest-of-the-summer! xo Joanne

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