Sustained By Song

My beautiful sunshine-y daughter Michelene and I at her conference
My daughter Michelene and I at her conference

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and everything you do, yeah, they were all yellow. From the song, Yellow, by Coldplay.

Have you ever had a song that was stuck in your head? That was me, last week with two songs that just fit perfect. Perfect that is, for exactly what was unfolding. For you see it was my Holy Week, leading up to Greek Easter, and I was assisting my daughter with her work conference.

The first song was Yellow, by the band Coldplay. When I initially heard it last year I was doing a wedding coordination. I went straight to the DJ and asked him what the song was. He told me; I went home and looked it up. I have been listening to it on and off ever since. Last week, wow, I was obsessed. It was stuck like something fierce in my head.

So out of curiosity I looked up the lyrics, then I searched to see if Coldplay had ever talked about their meaning behind the song. I thought initially it might be about jealousy (you know, yellow) but it turns out they say it is about devotion, pure and simple. I loved that. It made complete sense. I wondered of course if it was possible the song was a reflection of my devotion to Holy Week, and also to my daughter? If you click on the word “lyrics” above, you’ll see the words to the entire song. Tell me what you think.

So all week, I allowed that song to float through my head. As I was helping my daughter I stayed in tune to the Holy Days. I thought of my church and knew I would get there on Friday. The conference was (magically) on diversity and there were very inspirational speakers and people there. It was truly amazing to be witness to this amazing group and their message. And I got choked up a couple of times seeing how beautiful my daughter was; a true professional and a stellar coordinator. She was just like the stars that shine, in everything she does…..exactly like the song said.

My church on Good Friday. Thank you to Christina for this picture.
My church on Good Friday. Thank you to Christina for this picture.

When the conference was over, it was Friday around 1pm. A different song slowly crept into my head, replacing the former. It was an ancient hymn, a huge part of Good Friday services. My cousin Christina and I went together to my church that evening. As soon as the Metropolitan and the choir began to sing, I got chills. I’ve sung this song over and over since I was a child. It was so beautiful and it struck a chord deep in my heart. Thank you to my sister Mary who found this rendition of the hymn on the internet by Glykeria.

So two songs and deep faith got me through the week. I am forever grateful to have had them fixed in my mind to remind me what a precious week it was. Not only for the love of my daughter, but for the everlasting love of my faith and Savior.

Christos Anesti!



Join me on my graceful journey.

11 Replies to “Sustained By Song”

  1. “I allowed that song…” my favorite part of your blog today. Swoon.
    While so many of us are searching for “eraser” songs to get a certain tune out of our minds……….you let it wash over you and bathe you in Grace and Goodness.
    I listened, and I really enjoyed the songs.
    Thanks for sharing part of your Holy week.
    simply lovely.

  2. Lovely and inspiring post, as usual, Joanne. The ancient hymn was beautiful, and transported my soul immediately to heaven. Thank you for sharing this.

    Blessings to you, my friend,
    Marianne xo

  3. Alithós Anésti! I do like Cold Play but the ancient hymn makes my heart soar. I am glad you and your daughter had such a wonderful time supporting each other at the conference.

    1. You are on the ball with the Alithos Anesti! The ancient hymn – yes, it is amazing. And I was previously unaware of that singer, who has a stunning voice.
      How are you doing? <3

  4. Yellow became one of my favorites during a weekend writing retreat at Mt. St. Francis conference center in the mountains. Now I’ll be playing it over and over in my mind again!
    I love this post, and the lovely mother-daughter picture.

    1. Thank you Marylin! I’m back to a normal level of songs cruising through my head. YELLOW fit the bill last week. I could see where it would make an inspiring writing song.

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