My 60th Birthday

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”
― Maya Angelou

The Jamis Girls at Poros, Pittsburgh

It has been a wonderful week. Turning 60 has been a happy experience for me in many ways. My sisters (who both live in NC) came home for the week which of course, happened to be Thanksgiving as well.

I wanted a few close family and friends on my actual birthday. No fancy stuff; just pizza and cake. It wasn’t about the food, it was about love and friendships. Penny was there of course and though she wouldn’t sit on my lap, she loved watching everyone sing. John and Jess gave me a blanket with their wedding pictures all over it. What fun!

Too many candles!

What have I learned by this age? Well, I’ll tell you. I’ve learned that I can be myself and if people like me for who I am, that’s great. If not, I’m ok with that. I have a smaller circle of friends but I kind of like it that way. I don’t have the stamina that I used to have, but I still have plenty of energy. I will make time for anyone who wants to talk to me (about anything). My ministries are important to me (my mother and FOCUS) and my love for writing and blogging has only increased.

My faith is my guiding light and it keeps me centered. I try and remember to be grateful every day for the blessings that surround me.

My sisters planned a gift for me that they thought would arrive on my birthday. It did not and though Mary was upset, I was fine with it. They took me to lunch on Wednesday to Poros, and my daughter and two cousins showed up.  I didn’t know Nini and Lisa were coming until the last minute. I love surprises. Then we decided to text my cousin Nick (who works around the corner) and he came within twenty minutes! Wow!

Wonderful time!

So the day after Thanksgiving we finally all met at a coffee shop and my gift had arrived. Imagine my surprise when it was a hardcover book of my first three years of every Katherine’s Daughter post! I cried a bit when I saw this. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was!

What a great gift!

Last night I sat down for a while and read the book. It was wonderful to read my posts from the beginning. It was very insightful and I was frankly, a little proud of myself. I couldn’t believe how much I accomplished.

My sister Mary wanted to motivate me to think about compiling my favorite posts into a book. I told her she has succeeded and this is definitely inspiring me to sit down and do the work.

Thank you to my sisters, mom, Jim, Michelene, Jessica, John, Penny and all of you who made my birthday so special. The blessings, wishes, and love from all of you have filled me with joy.

*Do you have a blog you’d like to turn into a book? My sisters used Blog2Print. They’re having a Cyber Monday sale right now so use the code SHOPCOZY for 35% off. 

Join me on my graceful journey.

15 Replies to “My 60th Birthday”

  1. That is the most amazing gift ever! You really do have the best sisters! I am glad your birthday week was so awesome! You deserve a whole week to celebrate! I would definitely buy a book of your blogs…

    1. Thank you! You were one of the bloggers I thought of when I received the book. I think you should consider a blog compilation one of these days! It was truly a beautiful gift, one that is a wonderful memento of our writing. Thank you kindly for the birthday wishes! xoxo

  2. “I agree”…..this is the most amazing gift ever!!! You really do have the best sisters and you are blessed! Besides the surprise of your book, I have to say that I love the paragraph you shared about what you have learned at this age! It is very much touched my heart! You wear 60 beautiful, Joanne! Enjoy the ride

    1. I didn’t have to think to hard about the advice. It’s easier at this age to not worry about what others think. 😉 I am truly blessed with wonderful sisters and I’m so grateful for this lovely gift. Thank you for sharing my birthday joy!

      1. It is easier, however your kindness, care & concern for others shines through when you say you would make time to talk with anyone about anything! ❤

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