Moments of Pure Joy

DSC_0042“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh, Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life

I bought myself the most beautiful bouquet of roses the other day.

It was shortly after Valentine’s Day when I happened to drop by to see my favorite florist. His shop can literally take my breath away. There is always so much to look at, beautifully displayed and seasonally inspirational. There were buckets of flowers everywhere, mainly roses, in many gorgeous colors and they were perfectly open.

Jim, the owner, is an old friend of mine. I asked him to make me a bouquet and it was a blend of white and pale pink roses. They were stunning and as soon as I got home, I searched for the perfect vase. A crystal decanter did the trick. The flowers changed my whole house and lifted it up a notch in cheeriness.

A few days later, it snowed like a blizzard and I began to wonder again, if winter would ever be over. But then the snow stopped, the sun came out and everything began to melt. The roses kept smiling at me from the table.

I can feel spring coming closer. The temperature is warming and I chuckle as I find Jordan’s hair in little clumps around the rug. She is shedding her winter coat- another sure sign of approaching spring. The heavy snow is melting in my yard and there are slippery spots. But thank goodness, it is melting.

I am feeling moments of pure joy. It is in the warmth of the sun and the smile on my husband’s face. It is in the smell of my morning coffee and the anticipation of the trip I am going on with some dear friends. It is in the emails from my west coast friend who by the way, sent me the most delicious fudge sauce I have ever tasted. I peeled a banana and spooned a little fudge on every bite. Yes, it was decadent.

I’m working on a June wedding and Cindy, my client met me today at the very same floral shop where I bought the roses. We were inspired by Jim’s ideas and his expertise was evident in the things he proposed. Afterwards, Cindy and I rode together to select linens to finish the tables. It was an amazing day!

I feel beautifully unencumbered tonight, as if the heaviness of this winter is slowly melting away, to reveal a new layer right below the surface. I can craft that layer anyway I want and as wonderful as I wish.

White roses

Join me on my graceful journey.

14 Replies to “Moments of Pure Joy”

  1. Isn’t it astounding, Joanne, how a bouquet of fresh flowers can warm a winter day? Just before another snow storm was predicted, Jim brought me home two bunches of still-closed tulips and daffodils. We put them in a big crystal vase that had been my grandmother’s and set them on the kitchen table in front of the picture window. The next day as the wind howled and the blizzard whipped, our flowers opened and we were all smiles.
    Thanks for a sunny post. Your florist–and your new bridal client–sound delightful!

    1. Hi Marylin!
      I love tulips and daffodils! Isn’t it amazing how easily a fresh bouquet can make things so sunny!
      You and I seem to have many similarities; even a “Jim” in both our lives.
      Thank you- xo Joanne

  2. What a wonderful post. My grand daughter. Caitlyn always wants me to buy flowers when we go to our Neighborhood Market (Walmart, grocery only store). I usually don’t because my cat will eat them. My cat is old now and rarely leaves my room, so I guess it’s safe to buy them again!
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. I have a bowl of roses next to me as I type. And, although it is not winter here, their beauty and fragrance lighten my day. Thank goodness for flowers. No wonder we want them on one of the most important days of our life; the wedding. Glad you are feeling ‘lighter’ in spirit and I love that Jordan’s coat knows when it is spring 🙂

  4. I LOVE the above quote!! I shall walk like that today. Yes, I love roses, too. Flowers are such happy things, and truly sing the praises of their Lord, by blooming with faithfulness and the blessings of the moment. I’m glad your day was uplifted. It is already like spring here (SE Texas). The days suddenly became warmer and more humid.

    Blessings for a glorious day,
    Marianne xo

  5. Remember this day, it was the day that Spring snuck in. I can feel the crack, winter’s back is breaking. Your writing brings such joy and goodness. I was swinging my feet while reading your post. Yes, that kind of joy.
    Way back in the olden days, (much to my parents dismay) I dropped out of college to attend Florist School at a trade school. I LOVED every single moment. I LOVED dreaming of becoming a florist. I was transported back to the goodness while reading your story. Oh my, so great. (yes, I became a florist. No, my parents were not impressed. They were guiding me to be a lawyer. I loved my choice so much more.)
    ps. Fudge sauce makes most days feel like Spring!
    Hugs from the left coast. D

    1. Daleen, my first job ever was as a flower delivery girl! I held that job all through college and thought seriously of becoming a florist!
      Thank you for sharing your joy and your fudge sauce with me! Love, Joanne

  6. Joy, Joy, Joy. Hey there… I have heard comments about JOY all week. I Love your post… Thank you for your continued inspiration. 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing your unencumbered and loving heart with us all in this delightful post Joanne! Absolutely lovely. I too find strength as the snow keeps falling with a bouquet of flowers ‘smiling at me’ and lifting my spirits. Winter certainly helps teach us patience! And how enjoyable it must be to work with a client who has a June wedding. Such sweet thoughts to work towards amidst these snowy days. And if I may add, she is a doubly blessed bride to work with a thoughtful planner such as yourself. With loving gratitude, Gina

    1. Hello Gina!
      Thank you for stopping by! A rough patch in my road was followed by acceptance and serenity. This is a good thing as I used to really wallow in stinking thinking for days.
      When you truly believe you walk a spiritual path, then everything is for a reason. Moments of pure joy happen for me when I accept what is going on, learn from it and move on.
      Have a wonderful day!
      xo Joanne

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