Michelene’s Angel Food Cake

My Kids! Michelene and John
My Kids! Michelene and John

She is really my first guest blogger! Give a big welcome to my daughter Michelene, who wrote this little egg story about her and her brother’s first attempt at a delicious angel food cake!

Michelene writes:

Having backyard chickens is a joy and really spoils us with always having fresh eggs on hand. Sometimes there are so many eggs, we make and freeze quiches or find other recipes to make the most of our hen’s bounty.

One such day my 9-year-old son, my brother, and I, were combing recipes and came across one for homemade angel food cake. Instantly thoughts of heavenly fluff began to inundate our senses and we excitedly gathered the arsenal of tools to complete the mission. The recipe called for twelve egg whites (which we had readily available) and we began separating them out one egg at a time. Next came the lengthy process of slowly adding sugar to the whisking whites. This part of the recipe cannot be rushed and we studiously observed the expanding peaks of fluffy mountains while dreaming of the finished product.

The beautiful circular fluted pan was buttered and ready for the angelic folds of snowy mountains. We counted down the minutes as the oven ticked away, cutting berries and discussing what we were going to top our slice with. When the moment came to take it from the oven: all eyes in the room were on the most gorgeous angel food cake we had ever seen. Our patience and hard work paid off with a golden and white cake that was the fluffiest I had ever eaten. We topped it sparingly with our chosen ingredients and indulged in the delight our eggs had brought us.

We settled in to relax and watch a show on TV when suddenly a strange noise came from the kitchen. We all looked at each other, eyes wide in horror. We knew our dog Jordan was up to something. As a 65-pound lab she does not often get into trouble but when she does she makes it memorable. Racing around the bend to the kitchen our fears were confirmed. Jordan must have shared our excitement of that afternoon and couldn’t resist tasting the cake for herself. The meager remains of crumbs and a few scattered, unsalvageable pieces were all that was left of our angel food cake. We laughed and counted ourselves lucky to have had both a cooking adventure and a slice of paradise before the dog had her day.

Can’t you just taste that cake?! If you want to try and make this fluffy cake yourself, click HERE for the link to the recipe!

Join me on my graceful journey.

16 Replies to “Michelene’s Angel Food Cake”

  1. That was a wonderful story. When Donna and I were young we always were trying new things to bake. Especially when mom and dad left us at home by our selves.

  2. What a wonderful story! Michelene is gifted as a story teller along with photography, interior decorating (I’ve seen the pictures!) and a host of other things! Jordan sounds like an interesting pet! I love ot bake, so I might just give this a shot!

  3. The most important part of the recipe is patiently adding the sugar while the whites whisk. Following at a close second is the need to protect the finished product from the dog! Thank you so much for the beautiful compliments! My mom and dad have taught me so much in so many avenues of life.

  4. Joanne, your daughter has your same, calm, touching writing style that makes me want to be there in on the adventure, even when it’s a 65-lb. furry buddy eating the hard-whisked angel-food cake. Delightful post!

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