Meeting God Halfway

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“Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.” 
― Paulo Coelho

How was your weekend? I hope you had an awesome one. Mine was lovely, interesting and spent with good friends. There was a bit of deep pondering too, including some thoughts I want to share with you.

First, I need to set things up. I have been thinking about my choices lately. Mainly, I have been trying to figure out how to ask God for a bit more financial fruitfulness on the part of my event planning business. This has been a challenge because I believe in praying for wisdom, guidance, strength, etc but not usually for specific things like “Please God, send me another wedding!”

Quite the contrary. I figure God has it all worked out; s(he) is merely waiting for me to make up my mind and decide what I want. Do I want more weddings, special events or small receptions? Have I finally figured out that I am indeed worthy of making a living this way or am I really too scared to go after this big piece of blueberry pie (the equivalent of success) that I have wished and longed for. What do I really want?

So my prayer lately has been “bring them to me”. In other words, I wish to be of service and I’m leaving it up to God to bring me whoever needs my assistance.

Now, to the weekend. When I was with one of my best friends yesterday, I said “the difficult part is whether to stand back and wait for it to all happen, or to meet God halfway?”

What does this mean? I think it means YES, we all want things. Some of us want change. Change for the better, change for something different, change for a new life or a new perspective. And as Jim likes to say, “if nothing changes, nothing changes”, meaning we cannot sit around on our duffs and wait for the world to change for us. It ain’t gonna happen. We have to help it along, do our part. If I need uplifting, I read a great spiritual book. If I need career advice, I choose a person who is where I want to be and ask them for guidance.

Last week, I had a big AHA moment. I realized I should have a business plan and should not avoid it any longer. To avoid it means I’m not really taking this whole event business seriously.

So that thought led to another. What if I create an environment for me AND other women (who don’t have business plans either!) to get together and be inspired? As the thought gained momentum, I ended up stopping at a hotel to ask about meeting room space. Then I went home and emailed a small business training manager I knew, who agreed to teach a class on writing a small business plan. I am putting this all together, including utilizing the talents of other women who will inspire and be inspired themselves. It will be an event that helps other women to take their businesses to the next level!

I hope this is meeting God halfway. I think it is. It doesn’t matter if it is great or super or stellar. (but I think it will be!) I’m going for it. 🙂

Is there a change you are contemplating? How can you meet God halfway?

Join me on my graceful journey.

16 Replies to “Meeting God Halfway”

  1. Great article Jo!!! You’re spot on with your thinking and your actions…I wish you the best of everything in reaching your goals! I know you can do it!!! Jan

  2. Wonderful as usual, Joanne. I’ll be interested to hear how this new idea turns out of bringing women together. Wish I were nearby!

    I have big changes coming up, too.

    You always inspire me.


  3. Wow, WOW! Joanne, you’ve read my thoughts!! I can’t believe how much of what you said applied to me. Like you, I often think things are taking slowly to manifest because I may fear having the success I long for for whatever reason, but I also think it’s because I just don’t know what steps to take. It’s very difficult to solicit oneself and your goods, when most places don’t accept unsolicited work. I rely on heavenly help and I KNOW I will receive it in the amount I can accept. So I’m learning to open up to accepting more…to realizing how much I really do have to offer and how much I am worthy of success – in EVERY area.

    But I know that God “has a plan for me…a plan to prosper me…” and I’m all for it.

    I think it’s wonderful what you are doing – a super idea!. And, as you said, regardless of whether or not it’s great, or super, or stellar (which I agree, it will be), you are doing something which will benefit others in a remarkable way.

    Go girl, go…and keep going – FLOURISH!

    Sending love and hugs,
    Marianne xo

    1. Hi Marianne, I know you and I share many common feelings and thoughts about God and our own vision for ourselves. Your encouragement means much to me and I hope you will keep plugging away at your dreams as well! You continue to inspire me and I hope you will keep the fires burning under your own dreams because I know you can do it! xo Joanne

  4. Wonderful post as usual! God had other plans for me than what I ‘wanted’…I still want it, it just has to wait a bit…publishing my first book has to take a back seat to raising my grand kids! Cassie will be in pre K next year, so I may have time to write then!

    1. Hi Cathy, yes, I hope you will find time to write your amazing book! I have not forgotten my own desire to do so and I need to keep tending that part of my life as well. Thank you for taking time to stay in touch! I love hearing from you- xo Joanne

  5. GLORY BEE! I adore this post. You always have a unique way of bathing me in Grace. I love stopping by for my dose of goodness.
    I can’t believe how you put into words what I have been feeling.
    “meeting God halfway” I love that. I am more than willing to do the work, hard work and changes. I love the idea of working together. Not just asking for a handout. I don’t want to feel like healing was handed to me. I want to earn it. I want to do my share.
    Oh boy, you hit the nail on the head.
    Thanks a million for putting down on “paper” what has been swirling in my brain.

    You make my world so much fancier. I am one lucky girlie.
    Hugs, D

    1. I have been thinking about something you said last week. You let go of following many dessert type blogs because you were changing your lifestyle. That is going halfway, more than halfway. It takes alot of courage to do things differently and you are really the poster child for change. xo Joanne

  6. Hi Joanne, I like your title…”Meeting God Halfway”! As I read your post, it reminded me of a book I recently read called The Power of Ted. It is all about being “outcome focused” and “passion based”. We do this by being a creator & having a vision of what we want. Like you are doing….taking” baby steps” toward a vision! Good luck with your new idea and having the vision to create what you want. I think God meets us half way if we allow him!

    1. Hi Cindy! So true! I do believe God will meet us halfway and I love creating things from scratch! I’ll have to look for The Power of Ted. Sounds like a wonderful book!
      Thank you- xo Joanne

  7. Reading your post the first thought that came to mind was “God helps those who help themselves.” I looked up the origin of this saying and was intrigued by its history As you can see, and as you hint at in your words, the statement does conflict a little with the concept of grace. Be that as it may, I am sure a business plan is a great idea and others will benefit from your idea as well.

    1. I love the idea of surrendering completely to God’s grace but financial realities creep in and I get cold feet. That’s is when I think there must be some action on my part to keep things moving.
      I did get a backyard reception for 60 people in July- a lovely affair I am assisting with- and this is a blessing.
      Thank you for looking up the “God helps those”. It was interesting!
      How’s the weather over in your part of the world?

  8. Now that’s a “Plan” for creating business plans with other women, Joanne.
    The beginning of this post reminded me of something my friend (who is a Brethren minister) said when her daughter said she couldn’t ask God to send more pregnant women her way for mid-wife assistance.
    I’ll change her answer to fit your reluctant prayers for more weddings: You can pray for more loving couples who want to create a truly loving wedding and reception that will honor marriage…and who want some thoughtful and helpful assistance to accomplish that goal.

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