Me and My Bicycle

Look for the biggest bike tire and you'll find me!
The Neighborhood Kids and their Bikes

I grew up in a big safe neighborhood with lots of kids. We could ride our bicycles around and around the block. When I think back on this time of my life, there’s one thing that was always with me- my Schwinn bike.

I can remember having at least two Schwinns in my childhood. The picture above is from a birthday (I think) when I received a new one and my friends were as excited as I was. I remember nearly everyone having a bike at this time and all of us spending endless hours in the pleasure of riding.

We would pedal up to each other’s houses to play, sometimes throwing our bikes down in the yard. Or maybe we’d be more careful and put the kickstand up. However we did it our bikes were our transportation and our wheels to adventure.

I was trying to identify the kids in the picture and here’s who I think is there. Laurie, is that you on the far left? I think so! And I’ll bet that’s Debbie E. next to Laurie with the short black hair. My youngest sister Cally is in front on the tricycle. The tall girl in the back, I am drawing a blank (my old friends, help me out here). I am next, then I believe that could be Chuck W. to my right. And on the far right is my sister Mary.

There’s some other things I remember about riding my bicycle that apply to this day. It’s good to exercise. It’s good to feel the wind through your hair. Remember that you are alive this very minute and enjoy that moment fully. Revel in your freedom because we live in a great country.

One more thing- Get a good speed going and then lift your hands up in the air!

I looked up Schwinn’s website to see what they were all about these days. I found this on their “Our Company” page:

From your first ride without training wheels to a summer cruise at the beach with your friends, the thrill of riding a bike never gets old. Many of our fondest memories are tied to experiences we’ve had on bikes, rooted in unbridled joy and carefree fun. Even if you haven’t hopped on a bike in a while, it won’t take long for the smiles and laughs to come back.

At Schwinn, we make bikes that allow riders of all ages and abilities to experience the joy of riding. From “walk ‘n’ roll” kids bikes to the Le Tour Legacy, we offer a comprehensive line of bikes that suit the needs of riders across the United States and around the world. Our bikes are built to the Schwinn Quality standard, with over 100 years of cycling heritage, passion and expertise. This standard is the foundation of our commitment to creating the best bikes available today, and we are confident that you will experience our devotion to cycling every time you ride a Schwinn.

Enjoy The Ride!

I’d say they got it right. I love the part about fondest memories, unbridled joy and carefree fun. If I inspire you today to take a walk or ride a bike, that would be great.

Have a joyous day!



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16 Replies to “Me and My Bicycle”

  1. Love the clothes as much as the bikes; what happy memories. I didn’t have a bike but I do remember the tricycles and scooters I rode. Nowadays, helmets are compulsory for bike riders in New Zealand, so the young ones can’t experience the kind of riding we did. They are a lot safer though!

  2. I lived on my bike when I was a kid! I don’t remember the brand, but mine was electric blue and one of my close friends had one that was shocking pink! We were together a lot and we looked so much alike, that people could only tell us apart by our bikes, LOL! People would ask me if I was ‘Krista’s sister’ and I would say ‘nope, that’s Susie…she has the pink bike!’ How funny that I remember that! It was so much safer back then and we could ride all day and all over without adult supervision! My grand kids are missing out on those memories and that makes me sad.
    Have an awesome weekend, Joanne! I plan to!

    1. I have a big event today so I’ll have an awesome weekend for sure! I love your bike memories. I can picture the shocking pink and electric blue. It was so much safer back then although there are a few neighborhoods I can think of where riding a bike is still ok. Blessings to you Cathy! xo Joanne

  3. Joanne I know we were late to join this group but I think the tall girl is Suzy Marti. I know for a fact it isn’t Kathy or me! Lol. BTW I got to see Mary and your mom the other day. It was great running into them at the store. We had a chance to chat a little. Thanks for sharing your bike story. It is so true we used to rely on those bikes for fun times! And some dangerous times too so maybe it is a good thing we make our kids wear helmets.I have the scar to prove that on my shoulder from riding on the back of our bike when Kathy slammed on the brakes while flying down a hill! Oh well good times!

    1. I scraped my knee up real good one time when I skidded in gravel! I know what you mean!
      I think you are right- I bet the tall girl is Suzy.
      So glad you ran into Mom and Mary. I always love seeing you at the store.
      Thank you so much for your comment!
      xo Joanne

  4. Love the post and the picture! Our mothers IRONED those dresses. Also, regarding helmets, I had a fractured skull from careening down Havana Drive on my bike. Today I always wear a helmet.

  5. Hi Joanne, your post brings back memories! I am thinking back to my dad teaching me to ride a bike , and the memory is as vivid as yeasterday! Also, made me think about Jim & I teaching our kids to ride. Amazing how that memory is so alive. I never really stopped to think about it till I read this!. Jim & I bike the North Shore in Pittsburgh and it is so much fun, even in our 70’s I have learned we have to keep peddling so we don’t fall off! Thanks for the memories!!

    1. How cool that you and Jim ride bikes on the North Shore! I love that you have all those wonderful memories tied to riding.
      I think way back before video games and such, we all played outside. Bicycles were a big part of recreation.
      Love, Joanne

  6. A delightful stroll down memory lane…thank you, Joanne. And yes, you’ve inspired me to exercise today; to go outside, breathe, and know I’m alive this very minute (I like that) 🙂

    Blessings for a wonderful weekend,
    Marianne xox

  7. I had a Western Blue Flyer for my first bike, Joanne, and we all clipped playing cards to the spokes of our bikes so they made the most delicious, annoying sounds when we rode around the neighborhood. I loved this post and the delightful picture, especially the little boy in a bow tie. This would make a wonderful short story! 🙂

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