Love-ly Thoughts

Heart by Izaya Shanti

Isn’t this picture just beautiful? It was created by Izaya Shanti, age 5, for his mother Amanda, in honor of her February birthday. Amanda passed away suddenly two and a half years ago and since then, a bunch of family and friends get together on her birthday to celebrate her life.

Amanda loved pasta so Amy, Joel and Becky (her family) always make a big pasta dinner and invite lots of friends over for a noisy, delicious, wonderful eating/sharing/love celebration. This year, I walked into Amy’s kitchen and this beautiful color drawing was smack dab in the middle of the refrigerator. I love color, lots of color, so I kept sneaking glances at Izaya’s masterpiece all evening long.

If you look closely at the picture, there is another picture in the bottom right corner. It is a magnet, cleverly made by Becky and Amy, from one of Amanda’s original art works. Amy gives us all a little gift each year and this year, the magnet was our gift.

Before we sat down to eat, twenty or so of us all held hands around a generous dinner table and said a great big “thank you!” for our gratitude prayer. It was amazing to be all together to share in the day and stuff ourselves full of pasta and delicious cake.

The evening so inspired me I came home and wrote a quick “Love” poem in honor of Amanda.

Here is it:

Love doesn’t covet… shares

Love doesn’t confine….it releases

Love doesn’t fear… trusts

Love doesn’t keep count… is infinite

Love doesn’t hold grudges….it forgives

Love doesn’t argue….it compromises

Love doesn’t envy….it cherishes

Love doesn’t waver…it has faith

by Katherine’s Daughter, inspired by Amanda’s Birthday

February 1, 2012

Join me on my graceful journey.

2 Replies to “Love-ly Thoughts”

  1. You’re awesome poem reminds me of a famous passage: “Love is patient, love is kind…it doesn’t keep score.” I’m going to go look that one up right now!

    And did you notice that the magnet bore a striking resemblance to the piece of art that it holds up?

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