Looking for God

Jess, the Mom to Be
Jess, the Mom to Be

I tend to watch for signs in nature as a way of looking for God. In the past when I had problems that needed to be sorted out, I found solace many times in my own back yard. For instance, if I am troubled about something, I can usually look out my window and there will be one or more deer. Some times they come close to my house; other times they are at a distance. For me deer mean comfort, wait, or it will all work out.

What if everything and everyone we come in contact with in a given day is spiritually directed? What if God puts people and objects in our lives and in our path to comfort, strengthen, and lead us? Or maybe interaction with others is for a reason. We are there to provide assistance in some way. I believe God gives us free will to do what we please, but if we pay attention, we will be reinforced or led in good choices through spiritual direction.

When I do something I am proud of (and outside of my comfort zone), wild turkeys usually appear. Once I did a large amount of work for a non profit and nine wild turkeys made a procession through my yard the day after the fundraiser. It never fails. If I am stretching myself spiritually, I will usually see turkeys.

If I am lost or need strength I look for birds of flight. They will sometimes fly near to my car when I am driving. If they are red or blue (cardinals or blue jays), I especially pay attention. Long woodpeckers (pileated) are a rare sighting and usually cause for me to stop what I am doing and stare. I have several hawks that fly around my house. My spiritual friend Kathy witnessed this once and said, “It is a very powerful totem to have hawks around you.” I agree. I am never scared by them, I am empowered by them.

So it was that on the day of my future granddaughter’s shower, there were signs. The first one was around 9:30am in the morning when Jim and I were loading the truck. A tiny bird with a black head flew into the house. I’m guessing it was a chickadee. Now in the thirty four years of living in my house, I can’t remember a single instance when a bird has flown in. Jim didn’t remember anything either.

The bird flew into the living room and straight for the large picture window. Jim opened the front door and propped open the storm door. He lifted our wooden slat blinds gently towards him, allowing the tiny bird an opportunity for escape. She took it and flew out to freedom.

Now you may have thought this was a huge inconvenience. You’re loading a truck, getting ready for a big day, and a bird flies into your house! And for a split second I thought this way. Then I laughed and said to Jim, “That is either my yiayia (grandmother) or my father.” When we went outside, there was an entire clammoring tree of birds, singing at the top of their lungs. What was this? A chorus perhaps, to set the tone for the day.

The second sign I had was when I arrived at the location for the shower. I parked the truck next to the ramp at the nature center so my daughter and I (and Stephanie our helper) could unload. I got out of the truck and looked down. There was a brand new shiny copper penny at my feet.

My future granddaughter’s name is Penelope Katherine. Penny is one of the nicknames we could call her.

I picked up that shiny penny and thought yet another beautiful sign.

As the morning went on, we managed to get everything ready in time. Guests came from near and far to bestow gifts on Jess and John for Penelope. We ate awesome cookies, cupcakes, and snacks. It was a wonderful day.

Here’s what spiritual signs do for me. They comfort me, they reinforce God’s great love for me. When I love myself, I can love others unconditionally. Spiritual signs tell me I am going in the right direction. I thank God for them.

Jess and John at the baby shower
Jess and John at the baby shower

To read more about the shower on my events blog, click HERE.

Do you have any spiritual signs that you look for? If so, I’d love to hear about them.

Dedicated to the people of Paris. Pray for Peace.

Join me on my graceful journey.

12 Replies to “Looking for God”

  1. As a visiting nurse, I drive all day. Sometimes long periods of time, I am alone in the car. My mind wanders down paths of memories. I find tears on my cheeks. I miss my son. At these times, a gold truck will pass me on the road. I know this is Alex saying “It is okay mom, I love you. I haven’t forgotten you. I’m fine.” Then, I am comforted because love is eternal. Whenever I think of Penelope Kathryn Cain I smile, because I know that God let Alex pick the perfect baby for our family out of heaven’s nursery.

  2. Joanne, such a beautiful post…I’ll bet that WAS Daddy that flew in and out of your home! 🙂 Birds have always been very spiritual to me too, particularly red cardinals…and seagulls at the beach. Now white squirrels have entered the picture – iridescent and carefree, they make me smile most every day in NC. Thank you for such a lovely story and a blessed way to begin my week. ❤️❤️

    1. Hi Cally, thank you so much for your comment! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a white squirrel! I’d love to have that opportunity some day. I’m glad you think it was Dad when the bird showed up at my house. That was my first thought. How awesome is that!
      xoxo Jo

  3. Good morning Joanne, your blog is so inspirational and the post by Ann is just beautiful. I was very touched by the words “from heaven’s nursery”! I call it God’s way of remaining anonymous, but so coincidental that I just picked up my phone and read your blog ! As I said my morning prayers, I searched my back yard for signs of God in nature…(a bird, a falling leaf, a burst of sunshine, a turkey)! Jim and I look for spiritual signs many times during the day, usually in nature, walking in a parking lot looking for pennies, or in a supermarket where a special favorite food of our son’s will be the featured item of the day! Wow… I know it is God a work, to comfort us in a small way as we miss our son terribly. Thank you for such inspiration today♡. I love Penelope’s name. Katherine is a beautiful compliment to it.

    1. Thank you so much Cindy! I loved “from heaven’s nursey” too. So beautiful. I love that you and your “Jim” look for spiritual signs during the day as well. God does work in many ways if we only pay attention to His wonderful signs. xoxo Joanne

  4. I get dimes. During times of great stress, I find dimes everywhere. I think it comes from my uncle. One day,when no one else was home, I was on the phone with my sister and we were talking about this very subject, I told her how I thought it was uncle Don and she agreed. Way back when, he would give us dimes and say “give me a call sometime..on my dime!” so I laughingly said “Hey! Uncle Don…phone calls are .35 now!” and I turned the corner and there in the middle of the hallway was a quarter! LOL! I also will see, on occasion a butterfly that will ‘dance’ around me. That’s from my grandma. These things always calm me and make me feel at peace. I know that my situation will work out according to God’s plan…which might not be mine, but it will be ok.
    Recently my 5 year old grand daughter learned of the death of a classmate. She was devastated and cried over and over “I want my friend back!”. So I told her to ask her friend for a sign that she was ok. She asked her to send a butterfly. The next day after school she said “Layla didn’t send me any butterflies today!” I said “Oh, I’m sorry! Did you see any stickers or pictures of butterflies?” She said “Just in my dream last night!” Ha! I said. “Oh honey, she DID send you a butterfly, you just saw it in your dream!” she said “Grandma there were LOTS of butterflies!” Ha ha! As a side note, the shirt she wore to school that day had 6 butterflies on it!

    1. Hi Cathy! I LOVE what you did for your granddaughter. When we learn how to comfort ourselves as we deal with grief, this is so important. And you are teaching her at a young age! Dreams definitely do count!
      And that is such a cool story about finding a quarter! I think your Uncle Don was definitely around!
      xoxo Blessings, Joanne

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