Living in the moment…..

This is easier said than done isn’t it? With the holidays just around the corner (heck, they’re here!) I can really start to feel overwhelmed by the excitement, preparation and….. the worry.

I am a very good worrier. I seem to have been bred for it as my mom and my grandmother were expert worriers. Even when things were going well, they still worried. What if something awful would happen? Let us imagine the worst case scenario and plan for it. Let’s imagine 20 plans of action to the unimaginable and then maybe perhaps we will be prepared.

Somehow one day, I felt my cloak of worry and noticed how heavy it had become. It is just not worth it, I decided, to keep that heavy coat on all the time. I began to peel it off. First, it fell a bit back from my shoulders. Then I took one arm completely out. (whew! even that felt better). Slowly, over time, I took the other arm out and THUD. The coat fell to the ground.

I realize now that I do have the ability to handle anything that life may challenge me with. I am up to the task. And I have people in my life that love me and are willing to stand by or assist should I need it. Why not take advantage of those things?

Living in the moment is how I deal with any attempts of my own to retreat back into my cloak of worry. Living in the moment frees up mental space and allows me to enjoy who I am spending time with and what I have chosen to do at this moment.

English: Trees in the snow
Enjoy the moment!


Join me on my graceful journey.

4 Replies to “Living in the moment…..”

  1. Enjoying every day to the fullest and living in the moment is the best advice that you can ever give. So happy that you are worrying less…and enjoying more! Life is just too short to do otherwise. xoxo

  2. …isn’t it strange how something can be on your mind, and it seems as though whatever radio station or television program your tuned into says something in relation to a solution for your thoughts?I always feel like this is how God talks to us, and it is up to us to listen. I have been very overwhelmed (happy just stressed) about a lot of things lately. I am rather clumsy so balancing my life is difficult. This blog, was posted when i needed to hear it the most. Thank you, again, for your never ending wonderful thoughts and wisdom.

    1. Thank you for the positive comments! I too notice that if something is on my mind, I find little reminders of it in my daily life!

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