It’s My Son’s Birthday

My favorite picture of John and Me, taken about a year ago
My favorite picture of John and me

Today my son John is 29 years old. It’s hard for me to believe but yes, it’s really true.

When he was born, I wanted to give him a strong name. I absolutely love “John” and I think it fits him perfectly. I know I spoiled him (like I did Michelene); honestly, I don’t think his feet touched the ground for his first two years of life. He rarely cried or fussed. He did make a lot of noise when his friend Ryan would come over to play. 🙂

John must truly have God’s grace because he has had a few close calls. What is it about boys that test our strength? In middle school, he broke his collarbone playing basketball. In his first couple years of college, he survived a motorcycle accident (I said no more motorcycles after that) and an appendicitis attack (when Jim happened to be out of town- oy!).

John at an event for Andy Warhol
John at an event for Andy Warhol

What I love most about John is his warm and often times, very funny personality. He had the picture (above) as his cover photo on Facebook for a while. I’d laugh out loud everytime I saw it. His laugh is awesome and it comes from his whole heart.

John lived as a resident watchman in a large religious institution (in exchange for running the front desk a few nights a week) for seven+ years until he just recently left. Members of the congregation would send me emails and little notes about what a great guy he was. When I’d drop by to visit him, I would get stopped in the hall. People love to tell me about him and what a good kid he is.

John didn’t like the large university he went to years ago but he excelled at a smaller technical school. The IT degree he received is perfect for him. He loves working on software problems and diagnosing issues. He is like his dad in that sense, very patient, which is something I am not (but grateful that he is). And, it’s really wonderful to have your own IT guy at your disposal.

I love when he gets together with his friends and takes pictures. This one was from a wedding he was a part of in Punta Cana with his good friend Pat.

John (3rd from Left) in Punta Cana
John (3rd from Left) in Punta Cana

John, I am so blessed to have you as my son. You are truly a gift from above and I am proud of you! Happy Birthday!

John and his girl Jess
John and his girl Jess



Join me on my graceful journey.

20 Replies to “It’s My Son’s Birthday”

  1. Joanne, beautiful tribute to motherhood and to your son! Having sons, I can relate to some of the adventures you share. So touched home with me when you said…”I don’t think his feet hit the ground till he was 2″. How aewsome!!! I have to admit, I think I rocked one of my son’s till he was 3. Enjoy your handsome loving son.

    1. Cindy, glad to meet a fellow son “spoiler”! What is it about mothers and sons? I guess the bond is just as strong as all parenting bonds. I love my daughter just as much.
      Stay warm!

      1. I know…I don’t have daughters, but I know parents love their daughters just as much, but I guess there is just something unexplainable about the bond between a mother and son. Iam sure mothers & daughters have their own special bond also, maybe just different.

  2. Beautiful birthday tribute, Joanne! Such a handsome young man – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, John!! And many happy healthy more! You did good, Joanne…you did good!

    Blessings for a wonderful day,
    Marianne xox

    1. It is always good to know I did good 🙂 and I am proud of both of my children, as I’m sure you are of your son.
      The bond of motherhood is a special one and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
      xo Joanne

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