I Love a Farmer’s Market


Peppers from Janoski Farms
Peppers from Janoski Farms

When I would spend summers with my grandmother as a little girl, there was a “huckster” who would come by her house once or maybe twice a week. He would have fresh fruits and vegetables and my grandmother would load up. In particular, I remember his peaches, so juicy and ripe, and how I would love to eat them on a warm summer’s day.

So in memory of my grandmother, I cannot resist a weekly trip to my local farmer’s market. Janoski Farms has been around almost as long as I can remember living in Clinton, PA. (almost 32 years!). The fruits and vegetables are in so much abundance right now, it is a feast for the mind and heart when I enter the store.

Potatoes from Janoski Farms

I went Tuesday and bought zucchini, tomatoes (so gorgeous!), cantaloupe, leaf lettuce, potatoes and green beans so tender I was eating them out of the bag. Arriving home, I made Greek green beans with our home grown garlic, fresh dill, onion and tomato sauce. I’m no recipe writer but if you’d like to make them, click HERE for a link to a great recipe.

There is just something about a farmer’s market. It speaks to you from the deepest depths of wanting to eat good and eat well. I love to have my kids over for dinner and make shish ka bobs with big slices of sweet onion and pepper. Brussel sprouts will come soon and I will saute them in a bit of butter and onion, or steam them and drizzle with olive oil and lemon. No doubt I will stuff peppers and tomatoes before the summer is over, doing them just like my mom and my grandmother, with browned ground meat, rice, a light tomato sauce, and a tiny spoonful of sugar in the bottom of each hollowed out pepper or tomato.

I like to make my stuffed peppers with homemade mashed potatoes. My mom always did this while I was growing up. I remember hoping there would be leftovers for the next day so I could warm them up for lunch.

Thankfully Janoski’s has homemade bread and pastries, good ice cream and Brunton’s awesome milk. It never fails that I need a last minute dessert and I can always find something good at the market to treat my guests.

So don’t forget, seek out and patronize your local farmer’s markets. It’s really worth it and you’re supporting local farmers!

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Thank you Janoski’s!

What’s your favorite summer fruits or vegetables?




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10 Replies to “I Love a Farmer’s Market”

  1. Everything looks so beautiful with such vibrant colors Joanne–I too love a farmer’s market but with this garden of mine–I only go for the Peaches as I don’t have any peach trees. And I know the summer is fading when they start bringing in the Pennsylvania peaches once the Georgia and South Carolina peaches have come and gone 🙂
    Thank you for sharing—

    1. Hi Julie! Good to hear you are getting PA. peaches! How cool is that!
      Our garden didn’t do well this summer. We had alot of rain and so it’s struggling. This is when I am glad I have my farmer’s market to supplement!
      Enjoy the rest of the summer! xo Joanne

  2. I love a homegrown tomato! Unfortunately, the farmer gene skipped by me and I can’t seem to grow ANYTHING! My last attempt at a garden netted me 3 really good cantaloupe, but the tomatoes all rotted on the vine, the cucumbers were bitter, the lettuce didn’t grow and neither did the watermelon (I got 2 very small ones).
    It’s funny that you posted this today because I told my daughter in law last night, to remind me to stop at our local farm stand to get some tomatoes! I do miss Janoski’s!
    You brought back memories of my mom making stuffed peppers and mashed potatoes! No one here likes the stuffed peppers (aside from me, that is!), so I sometimes make them without the peppers…Porcupine meatballs is what we call them! I also remember the wild garlic that grew in our yard there in Clinton!

    1. Hi Cathy! It is good to hear your memories of stuffed peppers. I’m not the world’s greatest gardener either so I am lucky that Janoski’s is so close.
      My favorite tomatoes are August tomatoes and I am eating fresh ones almost every single day. I’m going to make a veggie pasta tonight and use the tomatoes, garlic and zucchini. Blessings to you and your family! xo Joanne

  3. That all sounds so wonderful, Joanne. Thank you for the terrific, mouthwatering photographs. I copied the recipes and look forward to enjoying them. The green bean recipe site also had a recipe for mini ricotta and egg ‘souffles’ to serve with the green bean recipe…Mmm-mm!

    Enjoy a wonderful day,

    Marianne xo

  4. Oh my stars, you grabbed my attention with juicy peaches and reeled me in with stuffing peppers with mashed potatoes.
    You paint a mighty colorful picture.
    I adore summer watermelon and peaches and nectarines.
    Here’s to our health and wellness!
    I had forgotten about the green bean recipe. I am on it. yum.
    Hugs from the left coast,

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