Going to Carolina

My sister Cally and her husband, Raymond
My sister Cally and her husband, Raymond

In my mind I’m going to Carolina. Can’t you see the sunshine, can’t you just feel the moonshine? James Taylor, from Going to Carolina In My Mind

It’s been a melancholy week. My youngest sister Cally, who has been here in the Pittsburgh area practically all her life, has decided to accept a position in Brevard, North Carolina. She is the new Director of Marketing and Communications at the Brevard Music Center.

Here’s what the website says about this beautiful place:

Brevard Music Center is, at once, a place, a summer institute, and a festival.

The Music Center is situated on a wooded 180-acre campus in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. Founded in 1936, the Music Center has matured into one of this country’s premier summer training programs and festivals. More than 400 gifted students, ages 14 through post-college, come to the Music Center to study with members of a distinguished artist faculty and with renowned guest artists. For seven weeks, students participate in a vigorous program of instruction that includes ensembles, private lessons, and chamber music.

I am alternately so excited and sad to see her and Raymond go. We will see them in a few months I’m sure, after the music festival but until then, we will skype, talk and text. Thanks goodness for technology.

Years ago, Cally was the first and only person who took me to see James Taylor live. It was a beautiful concert downtown and he performed with The Dixie Chicks. It was amazing. The cherry on top was that, through a mutual friend, we found out James was staying at the Renaissance Hotel. We went for a drink before the show and Cally got to say hello and meet James!

I will never forget that she took me to this concert. In honor of Cally’s departure, I wanted to share this video.

Cally and Raymond, I wish you the best in your new home and success in all your endeavors. See you soon!

xo Joanne

Join me on my graceful journey.

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  1. What an awesome opportunity for her! Moving away from family and friends is REALLY hard, but they will be close enough for long weekend visits! Not like us! 1200 miles from PA :(…(20 hours driving time!)
    I wsh them the best of luck!

  2. So much to look forward to, yet so much to miss. I wish your sister and brother-in-love all the best…and I wish God’s grace to shine on you, as your heart adjusts to this new moment in life. Thank you for sharing this, Joanne.

    Blessings for a lovely day,
    Marianne xox

  3. Joanne, thank you for writing this lovely post; what a blessing you are to all of us. Know that I will miss you and mom so very much. And could not be doing this without your love and support. How perfect that you reflected on our moment in time with JT…maybe he will come and celebrate BMC’s anniversary next year. Then you MUST come for that experience!! I love you… ❤️❤️ Calliope

  4. Joanne what a beautiful post! We are in that long line of people who will miss them… But now we all have a new place to go.

  5. I saw James Taylor in concert once, and after “…rock a-bye sweet Baby James,” I’ve always called him Sweet Baby James. The first lines of your post had me singing along. After graduation, when we were preparing to move from Kansas, I rewrite my own version and sang, “In my mind I’m going to Colorado…” and almost all the lyrics applied to the state that would become my home for the next 45 years (and still my home.) Your sister’s new home will draw you to a wonderful new place in gorgeous Carolina, filled with delightful experiences and new music at the center, Joanne.

    1. So true Marylin. My sister is already inviting us to come down so we’ll see how things go with mom; hopefully we can visit. Now my sisters are three hours apart from each other and it would be nice to try and plan to see them both.
      How lovely you are a JT fan; I love how you changed the lyrics to Colorado. 🙂
      xo Joanne

  6. Beautiful…thanks for sharing Joanne! Love James Taylor and am actually headed for the Carolinas to visit friends!

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