Girl’s Day Out

Sewickley Creek Greenhouses at Christmas
Sewickley Creek Greenhouses at Christmas

The weather had been blustery for a couple of days, but luckily last Wednesday it gave us a break. That’s when my mom, Aunt Joy, Michelene (my daughter) and I came together for a girl’s day out of lunch and Christmas window shopping.

Soergel's Yellow Truck
Soergel’s Yellow Truck

We chose a local Eat’n Park as our starting point. After having lunch there, it was only a short ride to Soergel’s Orchards and Greenhouse. They’ve been around for ages and Michelene even remarked that my mother had taken her there as a small child. We were not disappointed when we decided to look in Soergel’s bakery for a sweet treat. Even with choices of baklava, chocolate or pumpkin gobs, or small lemon merigue pies, Michelene chose sugar cookies that turned out to be pillowy puffs of almost cake like goodness, with a fine sprinkle of sugar on top. With a cup of coffee, it was the perfect winter treat.

I was happy to have Michelene along as we maneuvered mom and Aunt Joy through aisles chock full of Christmas treats and treasures. Soergel’s has an amazing Christmas shop with lots of ornaments, decorations, ribbons, sleigh bells and table linens. It was a feast for holiday eyes and hearts.

Fun at Soergel's and their delicious bakery
Aunt Joy (L), Michelene, My mom Katherine (R), Fun at Soergel’s

After some time at Soergel’s, the ladies were still game for one more stop. We hit Sewickley Creek Greenhouses on the way back to my mom’s. We could smell the pine and candles when we walked in the door of this beautiful greenhouse and gift shop. The owners were so friendly and asked if we needed help with anything. We loved just walking around and looking at all the gifts.

Sewickley Creek Greenhouses Golden Tree
Sewickley Creek Greenhouses Golden Tree
Sewickley Creek Lemon Curd Candles
Sewickley Creek Lemon Curd Candles

Here’s what I think of on these kind of days. Every moment is precious and I will remember these days with a fondness. So if I get a bit tired or distracted along the way, I stop and remind myself to be in the moment. I have this experience with my mom, aunt and daughter that time will never erase. My friends tell me to enjoy every minute. I think that’s good advice.



Join me on my graceful journey.

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  1. Oh I loved reading this! Yes, enjoy every moment because we never know how much time we have left with those we love. My first ever Black Friday shopping experience was with my mom and my niece in Arizona about 7 years ago and it was so much fun with them! I have tried it since and really dislike it, haha! It was the time I got to spend with my mom and Nicole that made the experience fun!
    I have been reminded on several occasions in the past few months that tomorrow isn’t given…we don’t know when our time here is up. Never miss an opportunity to let those you care for know! 10 people I care about have lost loved ones in the past 6 months alone! My son is a pall bearer in a funeral today. The youngest child of this woman is just 13…she will never have the chance to make memories with her mom as an adult. So YES enjoy those days and have many many more!
    Have a joyful holiday season and savor every moment!

    1. My heart goes out to the family who just lost their mom. Blessings to them, especially at this holiday season. Give a hug and kiss to your son for me.
      I am not a fan of Black Friday. I’ve never had gobs of money to go buy tv’s and such as gifts. I prefer more personal items and I tend to Christmas shop at local places or in larger stores (but only during the week!).
      This shopping trip was especially nice. Did you know Jim’s Aunt Joy when you lived here?

      1. No, I don’t think I ever met her. I am really not a big fan of Black Friday shopping either…I have never had much money to spend and had everything on lay away long before Black Friday! T.V.’s? Cars? Not in this house…I always wondered at the people that got/gave those types of things, LOL! I think this year is the most I ever spent on a single item and that is an xBox One for the boys. Kind of over budget, but their xBox 360 is dying and it only makes sense to upgrade since they are no longer making new games for the 360…

  2. What a great Blog. There are no words to express my thankfulness that you are there for mom. She loves your mom and Michelene and you so much. And of course we have to include that big loveable bear Jim. I have the best family in this world. I love you all so much.

  3. Love your post and your photos, Joanne. Such a delightful day, I felt like I was there with you. Oh, how I do miss bakeries from the northeast. I grew up in New Jersey and remember the wonderful bakeries that most are still today! Around here, outside of Houston, any ‘store bought’ goody has to be from the grocery store bakery and, well, !!yuck!!-No, thank you, I’ll make my own. Thanks for the memories of real bakeries, and for sharing your good times.

    Hugs and love,
    Marianne xo

  4. Gorgeous pictures, Joanne. Lovely ladies, and if someone else would have clicked the picture, it could have been FOUR generations. I hope you get some more pictures over the holidays.
    Our THREE generations–myself, my daughter and her daughter–go out together AFTER Christmas to a little bakery and tea house where they serve the best gingerbread cookies and hot spiced cider. We lift our cups and make a toast to my mother; even though the physical distance and the dementia keep her from being a part of our girls day out, she’s in our hearts.
    Wonderful post!

    1. You’re right Marylin, it would have been four generations represented if I’d have been in the picture. I’ll try again over the holidays. 🙂 I’m so glad you do a tea with your daughter and granddaughter. That is so lovely and makes for the best memories. xo Joanne

  5. Hi Joanne, what an awesome picture! It would make a beautiful framed picture to give to your daughter as a gift and memory. How blessed you all are to be spending such special & fun time with your mom! BTW, your daughter looks like you.

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