Follow the Breadcrumbs…

Bread (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

I have been thinking lately about bread. Really good bread.

I love a good crusty baguette, a fresh loaf of Italian, or even a good olive oil bread. Lately with the multitude of great breads out there, it’s hard to make a decision which one to choose. I do love a darker loaf with little bits of greek kalamata olives in it. Yum….

Bread, for me, is one of the sustainers of life. A good loaf of bread, some orange marmalade and a hunk of great cheese is all I really need.

I happened to think of bread one day in terms of The Path. My Life Path that is. I wish I could see ahead, wish I would know what’s in store for me, but of course I can’t. I have no idea what’s around the next bend because though God has a great plan for me, I (of course) am not on the planning committee.

So I am left to follow the breadcrumbs. Yes, those graceful breadcrumbs that are just outside my door, waiting to be picked up. I will devour them (because I love bread) and likely, I will keep following them, keep picking them up, and keep having faith. I know wherever I go, those breadcrumbs will be there, showing me the way.

That chance meeting with a friend (or stranger), a random phone call, a wrong turn that ends up being right are part of The Path. It’s about saying YES. Yes to change, to growth, to ME. A chance for me to step up and many times, to find a happier, less fretful way. If I am paying attention, those breadcrumbs will show me the way.

The best thing I can do is to keep picking them up, keep going forward. And, I’ll take the time to really enjoy those breadcrumbs…..

Join me on my graceful journey.

13 Replies to “Follow the Breadcrumbs…”

  1. Another beautiful blog Joanne! For me, it is crusty food for thought! Thank you! I am glad that we were introduced by Lillie! You are a great person & I love your blogs!

  2. MMMmmmmmmmm —- you feed my mind, soul and my food addiction with your blog!! So, yeah bread and crumbs and God’s leading!!That’s all good stuff. Love those chance encounters that you know that you know, God put there for you! MMMmmmm God’s bread crumbs – eat ’em up, yum!!

    So do you bake bread? Bread machine? Kitchen Aid? That reminds me, I need a recipe from you! I’ll email you my request!

    Don’t want to clutter up your nice blog with my ramblings – Whoops! Toooo late!


    Love ya,

    Mary R.

    1. Mary, you are too funny! Baking my own bread is on my bucket list for retirement…I’m too busy right now but someday I’m going to learn. xo Joanne

    1. So glad you liked this post! I have been following the breadcrumbs lately and my life is so rich with blessings…it’s amazing! xo Joanne

  3. Finally got a chance to read your latest today — crazy week! It’s wonderful, as usual!

    I talk about breadcrumbs quite a bit when it comes to faith, so this one really hit home. That, and because I love bread as well.

    Anyway, my story is that as I began watching my oldest daughter wander away from her faith and do her own exploring (which I know is important, but still tough for church ladies like me), I started referring to the base I felt I gave her, along with my faith, as leaving breadcrumbs for her whenever and wherever I can. I feel that deep down, no matter where her path takes her, she will always be sustained one way or another. Getting close to sending another off to college means I need to leave even more, so I better get busy on that!

    Just thought you’d like to know how great it was to read your post. I needed that today.

    Love you!


    1. Wow, thank you Laurie…that is interesting that we both think of breadcrumbs and faith together! I love that you have faith that the breadcrumbs you have laid are the foundation for your daughters to build on. That is good stuff…xo Joanne

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