Everything I Own Has Alittle Bit of Doghair On It


Our favorite dog Ms. Jordan
Our favorite dog Ms. Jordan

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
Josh Billings

I put a jacket on the other day and there it was. Golden yellow flecks of dog hair.

I put a pair of black pants on to go to a special event- there it was again, more dog hair.

Everything I own has alittle bit of doghair on it.

Do I say with this impatience, aggravation or anger? No. As a matter of fact, I have complete and total acceptance of dog hair.

Our yellow lab Jordan is a member of our family. We have had her now for eight years and it seems like she has been with us always. I try and remember life without her and it just doesn’t seem the same.

My daughter found Jordan (or Jordan found her) when she went to pick up her son one day at his father’s house. Michelene said when she came back out to the car, Jordan was sitting next to the car wheel smiling as if to say “Here I am! What are we doing next!?”

Thank goodness Michelene had the nerve to go to Jordan’s house of origin and ask if she was available for adoption. The family said “Hold on a minute” and came back and said “You can take her.”


I fell instantly in love when I saw Jordan. Lab pups are too cute and the bond between Jordan and us was immediate. We had a border collie at that time too. I don’t think Lucky was initally excited about another competitor in the house. Thankfully he got used to it and they played like brother and sister.

Chicken PictureJordan is outside most of the day and is our official “protector of the chickens.” That is, we have a coop with twelve chickens and she protects them from hawks and wildlife. In the late afternoon we let the chicks out to roam. Jordan is ever watchful, ever vigilant. For her devotion, she gets a fresh egg reward.

To watch Jordan eat an egg is like being a witness to a spiritual experience. She handles it like glass. Gently taking it in her mouth, she lays it down on the ground. How she cracks it open so perfectly I don’t know. When she licks the egg out you know she is savoring it. Finally, she eats the shell and finishes the treat.

If anyone raises their voice at our house alittle too loudly, Jordan walks over and nudges them. She is uncomfortable with upset people, us or guests, and she has become an emotional baromater for our household. Get alittle too excited and Jordan will gently touch you and make you calm the heck down.

Are you worried about something? Jordan will come and look at you with her big eyes, silently requesting a head scratch or belly rub. By the time you are done, your problem will not seem so big.

I consider Jordan one of the most precious gifts in my life. She keeps me company when Jim works a long shift. It is just me and her some nights. I am fine with that.


Join me on my graceful journey.

17 Replies to “Everything I Own Has Alittle Bit of Doghair On It”

  1. Pets are wonderful like that! In our house it’s a mix of dog and cat hair! Our dog, Steeler, is a black Cocker Spaniel and he shed’s A LOT! I have to sweep my floors daily and still get a ton of dog hair. If I let it go even 1 day it gets out of control! I have no carpeting so it is really noticeable. Right now, there are 3 cats here, too! Smokey is the one who calms me down. She hates when I raise my voice and has always tried to comfort me when I am upset. She is really old and, I’m afraid, not long for this world and that breaks my heart! My son, Daniel brought his girlfriend, Heather to our lives and she brought her cat, Precious, with her from Virginia and then they found someone who was getting rid of a Maine Coon kitten. Tucker has stolen our hearts and is truly loved by all of us…even though I think he is secretly out to kill me! He gets under my feet whenever possible, but his favorite time is first thing in the morning as I am carrying my coffee cup from the kitchen to the computer room! He has so much personality, though!

  2. Our home is the same, but it is cat hair—I keep a lint roller in every room of the house and have to direct guests as where not to sit if one of the cats had just been sitting in the same spot prior. I try to roll it all up and vacuum ….. yet still is persists –:) Thank you for sharing Jordan….

  3. This is so sweet, Joanne. Thanks. In my home, it’s cats–two of them. One is curled up next to my husband in bed right now. The other just jumped out of my arms a moment ago. He’s now sitting on the back of the chair, surveying my writing. Such good companions pets are. Loving ones. Entertaining ones, too. 🙂

  4. Such a sweetie is your Jordan. I can’t imagine being without my Jack. Fortunately he is light shedder; almost unnoticeable. I do agree that our animals inspire us to be better people.

  5. Your story really hits home for me this time. My family came over for my son’s birthday celebration the other night and before they left, they noticed dog hair all over their clothes. After much agony and conflict I have resigned to let my dog Kenobi lay on the couch in our living room that I never sit on and that is pretty uncomfortable. I forgot to clean the hair off before my family came over and well you know the rest. We grew up on a farm and always had animal hair and more everywhere so when my family responds to a little pet hair in this way, I just can’t stop giggling. Some of us have become so “sterile” as I said to them. I wouldn’t trade my dogs hair for anything and he “owns” that couch! 😉

  6. Your Jordan has such a sweet face. I want to smooch it. ha
    Like you, we find golden hairs everywhere. Waiting for an appointment, get out your Kindle, golden hair magically floats on the screen. Sitting in church, look down, dog hair. One time, serious meeting, all stuffy and fussy…look down….happy dog hair.

    Oh man, we adore and love our Sweet Liberty. She is nine and the love of our empty nest.

    I knew I liked you! Your heart is all soft and mushy for your dear Jordan.
    Gotta love a person who is okay with dog hair.


  7. Hi Joanne, what a beautiful picture & what a beautiful story! Looks like he is sitting on the snow!! I bet you will even have more Jordan hairs now that he is the only one left at home. He will be getting lots & lots of attention!

    1. Jordan is sitting on snow! You are very observant! That is one of my favorite ever pics of Jordan and the other one, my cousin took, just standing over her.
      And yes, she is getting lots and lots of attention these days!

  8. Jordan is beautiful !!!
    Though I don’t actually miss the dog hair, I do miss my dogs. We’ve been without for 18 months now since our sweet Lady Anne went to doggie heaven. My heart needed a break from too much grief and loss, but we ‘borrow’ now and that’s working for the time being.
    It made me sad and happy to read of how Jordan came into your life. I can’t imagine saying yes if someone asked if they could have my dog. But, it was divine intervention and a win-win and that’s what matters most!

    1. Hi Denise!
      Jordan is definitely our gift from God. She has brought so much joy into our life and we feel blessed to be her owners.
      Thank you for sharing about your sweet Lady Anne. It’s always good to hear of another compassionate owner. xo

  9. Love!
    We call dog hair love in our house.
    “Gosh, this car has a lot of LOVE in it.”
    “Hey, there is a little love on your suit coat.”
    “Oh look, there is some love in my coffee”.
    Goodness sakes, where would we be without love and our dogs?
    I like people who like dogs.!
    Hugs and love from the west coast!

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