Egg-actly Wonderful!

Photo Courtesy of Sunday Child
All Photos Courtesy of Sunday’s Child

“People who love to eat are always the best people.”
― Julia Child

I have a confession to make. When my husband wanted to raise chickens a few years ago, I was not in favor of it.

Yes, it’s true. I pictured my grandfather’s chicken coop, messy and scary with cackling chickens all around my feet, just scaring the beeswax out of me.

Well, here I am all these years later, admitting the truth. I love fresh eggs. Jim and our daughter Michelene have kept their word and they’ve taken good care of the chickens, all without any responsibility on my part. That was the other thing I was wary of. That the care of the chickens would become my responsibility.

Nothing of the sort has happened. And in the meantime the delicious yellow yolks, bright as sunshine, coupled with the delicate white have graced our table many times. In any way shape or form, the eggs are delicious. Scrambled or sunny side up with a side of toast, or cracked into the latest cake, those eggs have become a part of our lives.

Now some of you know I have been blessed to have a blogger friend on the west coast, Sunday’s Child. She began her own love affair with chickens last year! She has an awesome coop and has just embraced the whole chicken raising thing, chick and caboodle.

Daffodils and the EggRecently, Ms. Child began to place her light brown or green eggs amongst her pitcher collection or in other very creative places and snap beautiful artistic pictures. The juxtapositioning of the eggs! The beauty of the pitchers! The sunny yellow of the daffodils! My oh my, my heart was singing!

I casually mentioned to Ms. Child that she ought to consider a coffee table book with those spectacular pictures, alongside say some great egg stories and perhaps some yummy egg recipes. At first she said, “Haha, funny, yes, you and I would be the only ones buying the book!”

But then her friends started to tell her the same thing. I sent her an email and she said someone had mentioned the coffee table book idea to her right before I did. (I think there are no coincidences!)

So we are exploring this idea of an artistic, yet country style EGG BOOK. What do you think? Are you an egg lover yourself? Do you have an inspiring egg story to share? Better yet, do you have an original or favorite egg recipe that you’ve made for years? Believe me the simplier the better. I love easy recipes.

Please share your thoughts and ideas with us. If you want to email me privately at, that’s fine. If not, leave a comment below and I’ll know egg-actly how you feel!

Elephant and the Egg

Join me on my graceful journey.

18 Replies to “Egg-actly Wonderful!”

  1. Hi Joanne–I’m so excited–for years I’ve told Gregory I wanted some chickens. He has adamantly refused–saying they are loud and messy plus we do have many predators in our neck of the woods. I was raised a city girl who has now spent most of my adult like living a bit rural and out from the beaten path–chickens seem to make sense. Last year I read Egg and Chicken : A memoir of Suburban Homesteading –by Janice Cole—the book being about Ms Cole’s trials and tribulations complete with all sorts of recipes. After reading the book, I wasn’t so sure I really wanted the full responsibility.
    Then on Christmas morning this year, Gregory joyfully tells me he is having a chicken coop made for me allowing me to have 4 to 5 chickens. So it appears I will have the opportunity to try my hand at such after all—with a great deal of trepidation but excitement 🙂
    I’ll keep you posted 🙂
    Farmer Cookie

    1. Oh Cookie I love this! I am so glad you are getting chickens!
      I did a little bit of research and the best book I could find was the exact book you read. It seems that there is currently very little else out there about the gorgeous egg!
      Welcome to the wonderful world of raising chickens. You will have plenty of help from me and other bloggers along the way!
      xo Joanne

  2. First, to your reader “Cookie”. Congratulations! Your life will be better because of chickens. Count me in as one who will share any tips I can offer.

    Miss Joanne, I was smiling through your entire blog post today. Thank you for showcasing some pictures. Thanks for thinking this idea is worthy. Thanks for being so positive.
    Thanks for being my friend. Book or no Book…… I am one lucky girl to have connected with you. You make my life sweeter.
    Hugs from the left coast,
    Miss Daleen

    1. Your package arrived today. It is uncanny that you must have known that Jim finished a Christmas gift puzzle just a couple of days ago!
      My life is defnitely more sparkly since I met you. Let’s see where this thing goes. I’m strapped in for the ride!
      xo Joanne

  3. I think it’s a marvelous idea! Especially that the eggs are naturally colored like that. I’ve heard of blue eggs, too. I never knew they came in such an array of colors. It’s like Easter time. Which would be a perfect time of year to put out the book.
    Thank you for your visit, Joanne. I’ll be sharing another card soon. The weather here is like spring the last few days – 70s and sunny in the day and 40s ad 50s at night. It’s suppose to get cooler. At least the air is still very cool and delightful.

    Blessings and hugs,
    Marianne xo

  4. Joanne, this is a great post! I love eggs, but I think they are one food that I take for granted(if that makes any sense? ) I can have them anytime I want them, & I don’t get excited to have an egg like I would some other foods. However, after reading this post & looking at the colorful pictures, I have a new found appreciation of what it must be like to have “fresh” eggs for cooking and baking or just enjoying as a meal. I like your how you describe the white and yellow. I remember when I was young going to my grandmother’s farm & going to the chicken coop with her. I would get so excited to see how many eggs we would find after we “shooed” the hens off their little beds of straw. My grandmother would carry them back to the house in her apron. So I am thinking, it must be exciting to pick those freshly laid eggs. I am sure they are appreciated much more that the ones I buy in the cartons at the store. By the way, the egg book sounds like a great idea. After reading your post, I may appreciate my eggs a bit more!

  5. Egg-actly wonderful egg post, Joanne!
    I was often given the egg-gathering responsibility when I visited my aunt and uncle’s farm. Those hens ‘sensed’ my fear and pecked at my nervous hands trying to gather the eggs. But in the end, it was a triumph for me to learn successful techniques to egg gathering…and for building confidence in me, the timid, terrified gatherer!

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