Crimson Awareness

Morning Sun on my Trees
Crimon Kissed Trees

“The earth has music for those who listen.”
― George Santayana

I walked Miss Jordan outside the other morning just as the sun was starting to come up over the horizon. As the snow crunched beneath my feet, we made our way to her favorite spot.

Without thinking I turned around. And as I did, I caught a glimpse of barren trees at the other end of my yard, lit up like an orange flame. I clipped Jordan to her run and slowly looked up.

It was as if God lifted his paint brush and stroked those bare branches in the most beautiful shade of crimson. How long has this been going on, I wondered? How could I have never noticed this before? Was this the first time this ever happened in my presence? It is doubtful.

I ran back inside to get my camera and thankfully, the crimson light stayed long enough for me to capture a picture. It fascinated me, this snapshot of magestic color against the starkness of winter brown.

How many truly beautiful things do I miss because I am distracted or just not paying attention? I have to wonder. If I slowed down just a little more each day, became alittle less self centered, what would I notice?

There are of course, things I do notice. Slight things. My husband’s smile or the way his hair is slightly ruffled up in the morning. My grandson’s change in his voice lately, the deepening of it and the realization that he is no longer a kid but a young man.

DSC_0195The simplicity of the vibrant cardinals in my backyard, eating lunch at my birdfeeder. My mom’s healthy look as of late, compared to how sick she was last year.

What I am trying to be most aware of is the beauty that still abounds even in this frigid weather we are having. Like the crimson trees.

If I take the time to slow down and smell the winter, what else would I see? I think it’s time to find out.

What will you notice today?

Join me on my graceful journey.

23 Replies to “Crimson Awareness”

  1. Good post! What will I notice today? I noticed that every muscle is still hurting from my very first Pilate’s class on Saturday! Ha ha! My grand kitten, Tucker, racing to greet me this morning as I left my room, his silky sort coat as he brushed my legs (or tried to trip me, I am not quite sure!). I am sure I will notice the sparkle in Cassie’s blue eye’s and the way her laughter spreads to everyone. I will notice Caitlyn’s waist length hair is simply gorgeous, Christopher’s skin is getting better (eczema) and that Cameron is almost as tall as I am…and he is only 9! I already notice that it is too cold to venture out and see what nature has in store!
    Have a very happy week, Joanne!

    1. I need to get back to exercising and I imagine a Pilates class would make me sore too! Your other noticings are very beautiful, especially the ones about your grandchildren.
      Stay warm and thank you for stopping by Cathy!
      xo Joanne

  2. What I have found, too, is that if I carry my camera with me at all times, I am much more on the lookout for all that beauty that constantly surrounds us.

  3. When I was little, I remember sitting in the sun on the concrete stoop at my parent’s house — just staring at the concrete. At first glance there was nothing, but as I waited, I began to notice those little bright red mites (probably smaller than the head of a pin), that are always there in summer. Some of the best feelings come from taking time to notice ‘what doesn’t seem to be there’, like the safety in the chorus of night bugs in late summer,

    1. Michael, I know those red mites you speak of. They are tiny and wow, to notice them is quite observant for a young person.
      I thank you so much for stopping by today and sharing your “noticings” with us!
      PS. I love the night bugs chorus too!
      xo Joanne

  4. Good Morning Joanne, what a perfect morning to share your post! Looking outside from where I sit, it is hard for me to find any color! lol However, the crimson trees, blue sky, and cardinal inspire me to sit here and find something that isn’t white and frigid appearing. I have to admit, I would not have noticed the beautiful shape & deep brown hue of the mighty oak trees as they grow skyward. I also notice a golden color across the skyline of trees which reminds me that spring is not too far away! . The snowflakes seems to be dancing gracefully as they fall to the ground… pretty! I think I will now spend some time looking around “inside” to see what I notice today: maybe a kind gesture from my husband, excitment in the voice of a grandchild about something or other, a call from one of my sons, or voice of a friend asking if I am ok? These things I will notice today and appreciate. Stay warm and safe and enjoy what you notice!♥

    1. Hi Cindy,
      Well your observations are lovely and I thank you for sharing them! This is exactly what I’m looking for….an awareness of beauty that we do not normally see.
      Thank you again for stopping by! It is always lovely to hear from you! I love your observations!
      xo Joanne

  5. Such a simple step, to become aware of our surroundings, and yet one we so often overlook. Thank you Joanne for this wonderful reminder to really see the beauty of the world around us. Even in winter. My husband might say ‘especially in winter’. As a gardener I long for spring but I do marvel at the beauty of the snow and the ice crystals on the windows. And thank you for these photos. That tree looks amazing, and how I wish Cardinals lived in my area! I’m happy I can enjoy your bright fellow here. With gratitude, Gina

  6. The words, Joanne, with the bird and the flame of color through the trees…ah, such a stunning, touching combination. It’s also a good reminder of being open, standing still and being aware of possible beauty.

  7. Looking forward to more discoveries as you slow down and smell the winter 🙂 Perhaps it’s not a good idea to see crimson every morning because the ‘red sky in the morning’ is a harbinger of bad weather, according to the old nursery rhyme 😉

  8. Lovely, Joanne! I received a new camera for Christmas this year. Can’t wait to learn to use it to capture beauty in my own surroundings. We can all use a little clearer sight of God’s gifts.


  9. I love the way you write! “And as I did, I caught a glimpse of barren trees at the other end of my yard, lit up like an orange flame.” That;s just beautiful. And the cardinal outside your backyard! Amazingly gorgeous! Glad I found my way to your blog. <3

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