Cedar Lakes West Virginia

Almost Heaven!

I can see why John Denver used to sing about West Virginia. Why he sang,  Almost Heaven, West Virginia.

Jim and I were at Cedar Lakes this past weekend for a spiritual retreat. Cedar Lakes is a conference center in Ripley, WV. The ride was easy and we had good company. We were there with friends and it was unbelievably beautiful despite the chilly weather. I came home completely in love again with West Virginia!

Saturday was cold and windy so we didn’t walk much. I wanted to get some pictures though so I bundled up and took the camera outside. This beautiful covered bridge was part of the view from our lodge room window.

Sunday morning was cold and crisp. The sky was clear and blue. It was wonderful to be among friends but the pictures say it all. I’m going to let them roll…

Join me on my graceful journey.

3 Replies to “Cedar Lakes West Virginia”

  1. Not seeing where and how to let the pix roll? Only see the 2: cover bridge and clear skies.

    NOW I got Sleepy Jean stuck in my head. Thanks Joanne.

    I did the exact same thing – watched the Monkeys and got together with friends to pretend we were in a band.

    Loved it!

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