A Day of Whimsy

Whimsy DoorIt was a beautiful fall day. The leaves on the trees were yellow gold with an occasional crimson, perfect for a ride in the country. The air was brisk, chilly and just a bit windy.

My son John and I had decided to spend the day together. He had a job to do in Harmony, Pennsylvania and I thought it was a good opportunity for some exploration. I’m hunting for a new kitchen table, since I gave my daughter ours for her new place. So my thinking was to look for a used furniture store. I ended up finding so much more.

Whimsy Road SignOn the way to the job site, I noticed a sign for antiques. Thinking of the potential for hidden treasures, I doubled back after dropping my son off. I got lost for about five minutes then turned around, unwilling to give up. Soon I was pulling into the parking lot of a quaint looking shop.

As I walked up the steps, the red entry door blew open. Now it was a windy day but the timing on that was a bit mysterious! As I entered the shop, I felt as if I stepped back in time. Beautiful furniture, jewelry and knickknacks from the past were lovingly displayed within two large rooms. For a moment I was back in my grandmother’s house among her hostess trays, serving pieces and water glasses.

Silver Set Whimsy AntiquesWhat an interesting place “Whimsy Antiques” is. Sue the owner, is a retired art teacher of thirty five years who has a special eye for unique treasures. She does shows all across the country but I was lucky enough to visit the shop while she was in town.

We chatted for a bit and then I left Sue to wander around. Soon my eye fell upon a quilt. Not just any quilt. An OLD quilt.

Quilt from WhimsyI examined the fabric. Some of the material reminded me of my grandfather’s old suits, warm and woolen. There were also beautiful dark blue corduroy and camel colored strips. The backing fabric was a soft blue, weathered with time. My thought was, back then nothing was wasted. When clothes became too tattered to wear, the best parts were saved and sewn into quilts. There were even little tufts of yarn (or wool) in a sunny color, randomly spaced. The price tag said the quilt was from the early 1900’s.

Of course I was instantly smitten and thought I am really in trouble now, because I looked at the price tag and didn’t think I could justify it. But then, November is my birthday month and it was November first. 🙂

So slowly, I began to wonder if I could acquire this wonderful quilt. Sue noticed my interest and we negotiated. Let’s just say she was very fair. In exchange for her kindness, I offered to share this story with you.

Yes, she has old KEYS too!
Yes, she has old KEYS too!

So now, when I visit Harmony, PA. I have a new friend to stop and see. I hope that if you are in the Butler County area, you will take the road less traveled to this lovely graceful place.

Oh and I showed the quilt to Jim. He absolutely LOVED it.

Did you ever find something you just had to have? Tell me about it!

Join me on my graceful journey.