Brooklyn & Bette Midler

New York Chris and I
My cousin Christina and I at the Bette concert, “Divine Intervention”

I saw the posting months ago on a social media site. Bette Midler was doing an international tour. I clicked and clicked until the I found the website and the list of where she was going in the USA.

The closest she was coming was New York. I began to try and figure out how to get there. New York in late June, tickets, and a place to stay. I prayed and wished for it to happen. I found this out again- wishes really do come true (and sometimes more). I got to Brooklyn, to the Barclays to see Bette, and I had a grand time doing it all.

Jim came along for the ride. We decided to take the Amtrak train from Pittsburgh to New York. Ten hours of Allegheny Mountains, the Horseshoe Curve, relaxing, napping, reading and snacking. I highly recommend the train- we loved it! It was like sitting in the back seat of a car while someone else does the driving. 🙂

New York Train
The Horseshoe Curve

Luckily we have a dear friend Ed, who has been working in Brooklyn, New York on a job. So he lives there and Bette was performing there (grace). Through his generosities, I secured the concert tickets, we had a place to stay, and even had extra tickets to the show.

Gasp, the view from Ed's Balcony. Gorgeous New York.
Gasp, the view from Ed’s Balcony. Amazing!

How was the concert? Well, I will tell you. I cried through the first 45 minutes, laughed through the next 30, and cried for the last 30. I’ve been listening to Bette since her career began, thanks to my sister Mary who bought The Divine Miss M album when I was a mere teen. My sisters and I saw Bette in 1975 in Pittsburgh for her Clams on the Half Shell Revue. This Brooklyn concert was fabulous. Bette was amazing at AGE 70. Unbelievable was her spunk and voice; she was as beautiful as ever.

She sang “Do You Wanna Dance?”, “Wind Beneath My Wings”, and many others. I had only one kleenex and I soaked it. Christina bought me a t shirt when it was all over. I wore the t shirt back to Ed’s apartment and on the train ride home the next day.

Now, Brooklyn. First I have to tell you that trees really do grow in Brooklyn. They were everywhere. Big beautiful trees. We walked and walked- and enjoyed those trees- to dinner, to shopping at Brooklyn Industries where I bought the purse I have been searching for, to the market, and to breakfast at Pies and Thighs.

The chalkboard at PIes and Thighs
The chalkboard at Pies and Thighs

We walked to the dock the evening of the first night we were there. I saw the Empire State Building lit up. It was beautiful.

View from the Dock
View from the Dock

So I’m back home now and I’ve been having “pinch me” moments. I have a hard time believing I was really there but the pictures prove it. I will never forget that night, or that concert, and I want to thank Ed for helping to make it all happen.

Ed, forefront, and Jim
Ed, forefront, and Jim

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
Albert Einstein



Join me on my graceful journey.

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  1. Wow….I can feel your excitment!! I can” only” imagine hearing Better Milder sing “Wind Beneath My Wings” live on stage. What an incedible memory!! I would have shed a tear or two, also! Awesome pictures, Joanne, & yes…true friends are truly a grace from God, Lynda! Spending time with true friends and seeing Better Midler…it just does’t get better than that!!!

  2. I know how much this meant to you. I remember you girls listening to Bette and this sounds like a really great adventure! So glad all went well. The trip sounds amazing

  3. I’m not a get-up-and-go kind of person and you are…you inspire me. I’m so happy you had a glorious time. The train trip sounds extraordinary and the photo is wonderful. I do miss the mountainous regions of the northeast. Keep your raring-to-go spirit, Joanne…it so suits you!

    Blessings for a glorious day,
    Marianne xox

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