Being There for Grace

Photo by Zack Wilson
Photo by Zack Wilson

Faith is a living daring confidence in God’s grace, so sure and certain that a man could stake his life on it a thousand times. Martin Luther

There were some particularly poignant moments this past summer when my weddings were in full swing that I felt it. I felt touched by grace and in awe of being witness to such beauty and love. I have been thinking about those moments lately and I wanted to share a couple of them with you.

In June, I had fluffed Shaina’s bridal train at the back of the church, the doors to the sanctuary still closed. The music began and my assistant and I opened both doors simultaneously. Shaina and her father walked arm in arm down the aisle, down to Shaina’s beloved Rob. This is when people I have worked with (yet really barely know) become like little beats of my heart. That is when I know God has given me this magnificent job.

Thank you to Zack Wilson for this photo
Thank you to Zack Wilson for this photo

Then at the reception, I saw it again when Rob danced with his mother Cindy. She was the one who originally contacted me to assist with the wedding. I was honored she hired me and I told her so. I loved the venue, a traditional old country club, and I knew how much it touched Cindy that Rob and Shaina were getting married.

Cindy cried on and off all day and I know this is how I am going to be when either of my children get married someday. We put our heart and soul into raising our children and then- BOOM- all of sudden they are grown up and jumping out of the nest. Next thing you know they are in college, marrying, and where did the time go?

Somehow the families didn’t get a big picture taken at the church and Cindy’s husband asked me at the reception if I could make it happen. I went back and forth between the photographer, DJ, and family tables and coordinated the timing. Next thing you know, everyone is outside and the big picture gets taken.

This Photo is just Gorgeous! Thank you to Zack Wilson!
This Photo is just Gorgeous! Thank you to Zack Wilson!

Now it doesn’t get any better than this does it? I absolutely thought this was a magnificent display of God’s grace and love. A family together, celebrating a beautiful event and wow, how much they love each other.

I tell you, I really have the best job.

More wedding stuff later. I need another box of kleenex.



Join me on my graceful journey.

9 Replies to “Being There for Grace”

  1. Aww thank you for sharing that! Being a grandmother is the best job ever and welcoming new family members is really nice. I didn’t like my daughter in law when I first met her…(and trust me, she has given me plenty of reason not to like her, but my son loves her) but she grew in my heart and with each new grand child she gave me, a bond started to form. Now, I won’t say we are ‘best friends’ all these years later, but she has brought much to our family (ok so most of it is drama, but there ARE those kids! LOL). I have come to love her as a daughter. I have also been blessed with a wonderful young woman for my other son. While they are not married (and may not ever get there) she has brought much love and happiness to my son and I adore her!
    Did I cry at Jeremy’s wedding? I don’t think I had time! I had 2 weeks to put together a wedding that would take place in my home with the reception to follow…again, in my home with all of her family, and none of ours :(. I was stressed out and busy making sure things flowed well (they didn’t…the minister ‘forgot’ and had to be called!)
    Anyway, it was memorable, that’s for sure, LOL!

    1. Cathy, one of these days you will get some rest and you will so deserve it! Taking care of all the children is alot I’m sure. Thank you for sharing your daughter in law/young woman story- they are the lucky ones to have you!
      xo Joanne

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this Joanne. The details that became the “little beats of your heart” filled my heart with joy at the depth of your care and help at such special times. And then I laughed. My favorite picture? The group picture, where the little flower girl has a pacifier in her mouth. Life is wonderful and beautiful!

    1. Ha ha! I noticed that little girl too and she is so precious! I do fall in love with my wedding families. I feel like it is forever, even though I am only in their lives for a short time.

  3. Oh my goodness………….pure goodness.
    I adore “little beats of your heart”………..pure goodness.
    Somehow, all of us, just by being around you and in your life…… are simply
    bathed in Grace.
    Yes, you are here for a lovely reason.
    You have found a way to capture Grace in a jar.
    Thanks for being in my world.
    Thanks for sharing pieces of Grace in your life.

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