Beach Wisdom

I’m taking off tomorrow morning, headed for a week in Captiva, Florida. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this, especially since I am going with my mom, Katherine, and my sisters, Mary and Cally. Yes, it’s definitely a Girls Week for us!

My mom is 83 now and I think it’s great that the four of us are banding together again for some rest, relaxation and fun. The last time we went away together was to Greece four years ago. We had a blast! In Greece, we ate the most amazing food, swam in beautiful waters, and saw some of the most beautiful sights in the world. It was an unforgettable experience.

These days, Life is so busy. If I don’t take the time to recharge my inner battery at least once or twice a year, I start to burn out. Getting away is how I reconnect with myself and reflect on all my blessings and gratitudes. Making this a priority, even with financial pressures, is important. And sometimes inexpensive getaways are to be found, with just a little asking and exploration.

Back to the BEACH. What is it about the beach that draws me in and comforts me? When I see the Gulf waters or the Atlantic Ocean, somehow I feel like I am with an old friend. She reminds me to slow down, take a moment, and rest. How can you help not relaxing when you’re sitting on a sandy beach? Growing up, my family went to Ocean City Maryland for a week in August just about every year. We knew the town like the palm of our hand. My sisters and I would battle waves, get a great tan, play boardwalk games and eat seafood galore. Maybe that’s why, to this day, I have a special fondness for the Atlantic Ocean.

Since then, I’ve explored other beach areas along the east coast and the Gulf of Mexico. I am looking forward to exploring yet another new beach town- Captiva. And I’m sure we’ll visit Sanibel Island- a place I have heard utterly enchanting things about. I am guessing the week will be beautiful, relaxing and hard to break away from!

I’ll be thinking of you. Are you taking a vacation this summer? Where is your favorite vacation spot? Where do you re-charge your inner batteries?

Join me on my graceful journey.

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  1. You know my favorite beach, Destin, FL! I have a fondness for the Gulf like you do for the Atlantic. We never had vacations when I was growing up, but as an adult, I have seen some beautiful places. Destin is where I got married, right on the beach, with our whole family there with us, so it holds a very special place in my heart. Vacation memories last a lifetime, and I’m so thankful that I have those memories that I can look back on, especially on cold and lonely days. I wish you and your mom and sisters your best vacation yet!

    1. What great beach memories! I have been to Destin and it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing and I’ll be thinking of you…xo

  2. Hi, Joanne…

    Sounds like you’ll all have lots of fun. My mother always loved to hear the ocean and be near the beach. I suppose it relaxed her, too.

    I haven’t had a vacation in nearly 4 years, though on occasion I have three days off in a row. I think for me a vacation would be knowing I didn’t have to go into work anymore, and my time was my own to create, and truly be what I’m meant to be. It shall manifest soon! Very soon!

    Enjoy your vacation, and your dear gals.

    Blessings galore,

    1. Thanks Marianne, I will certainly enjoy my time away. Sounds like you may have some time off soon too? My best wishes to you!

  3. Hooe you all have a great trip!!! How wonderful your mom is still able to travel and hang with the girls! Hopfully you will find many beautiful shells at Sanibel Island to bring home .

    1. I’ve heard about the shells at Sanibel! Thank you for your well wishes! I’m sure we’ll have a great time…

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