Are You a Dipper?

My Dad and I. Check out the cup of coffee and bread on the saucer!
My Dad and I. Check out the cup of coffee and bread on the saucer!

It was a day like any other. Picking up my mom for her weekly grocery shopping trip, I looked forward to stopping at a local coffee shop while she took her time going up and down the aisles. The shop was close by and a few moments of quiet and a good cup of coffee were calling me.

Arriving there, I glanced at the bakery offerings. Since I had no chocolate in my purse, it was going to be a cookie kind of day. The display case at the Blue Canary was filled with delicious looking biscotti. I chose a dark chocolate drizzled, chocolate biscotti with cherries.

I sat down at the table and opened up my laptop. The mouse needed new batteries. Phone, coffee, plate with biscotti, napkins, check. Phone next to me, check. Finally, I reached for the biscotti and without thinking about it, I dunked the end of it right into that cup of steaming coffee.

The first bite was amazing. So was the second. I dipped every bite into the coffee and tried to be mindful of every chew. Instead of rushing through it, I savored and enjoyed the experience to the fullest. Wow, it was wonderful.

Just like this!
Just like this!

When I was growing up, coffee was a part of life at our house and at my grandmother’s as well. Back then, there was no decaf (Sanka came later) so it was Maxwell House perking on the back burner of our gas stove. The coveted pot was metal with one of those little glass toppers. Plink, plink, plink went the coffee as it perked. After dinner, there was always a fresh pot. My grandmother was the first person I remember allowing me cups laden with milk and sugar.

My dad was a dipper. No matter what type of cookie was on the table after dinner, he dipped it. My mother’s Greek bread toasts (paximathia) or butter cookies (koulourakia) were his favorites. Around the holidays, like Easter, mom would make dozens of them to take to holiday gatherings.

And Dad didn’t just do cookies. He did bread and cheese (think slices of swiss cheese) or just plain toast. He loved to dip. He loved coffee and whatever was on hand to dip into it.

I’ve met people who are not dippers. They would never think of dipping their cookie or biscotti into their coffee. Too many crumbs, they say, floating in their coffee. But I LOVE IT. So what if you get to the bottom of your cup and there are crumbs?

Sometimes when I think of dipping, I think of the old Dr. Pepper jingle. Instead of Be a Pepper, listen to the jingle below and substitute “dipper” for the word “pepper” in your head.

Works doesn’t it! If you’ve never dipped before, you don’t know what you’re missing. Give it a try. You’ll love it. 🙂


Join me on my graceful journey.

17 Replies to “Are You a Dipper?”

  1. Not much of a dipper…not because of the crumbs, but because of the soggy! LOL! I prefer crunchy to soggy. On occasion I will dip, but not often.
    What great memories you have of your childhood. It makes me happy to read your posts!

  2. Morning Joanne, what a great picture of you and your dad! He looks so contented with his little girl on his lap and his coffee by his side. What more could you ask for, right? I grew up with a coffee pot just like that. My mom used it till she passed at age 95. I can still see the coffee bubbling up in that littke glass top! Brings back so many memories. Yes, I am a dipper. My favorite “dipping day” is Christmas morning. I can’t wait to wake up and dip as “many” cookies as I want in as many cups of coffee as I want and then drink all the soggy crumbs at the bottom! I just take the cookie tray and put it right beside myself and enjoy! My Christmas present to myself!! Great post and great memories!

  3. The picture of you with your dad is precious, Joanne. Some day Penelope will laugh and say, “Is that me?” Grace still does that with pictures of me with my grandfather since my toddler pictures, her mom’s pictures and hers all look very much the same.
    I am definitely a “dipper” Joanne, especially with biscotti or cookies. If it’s toast or a bagel, I don’t dip, so it’s better for me. 😉

    1. I bet you are right about Penelope Marylin. She will look at that picture and think it is her. What a beautiful thought. She is growing everyday and I am so enjoying her. Good to hear you are a fellow cookie dipper! xo

  4. I can’t even remember the last time I had biscotti. I use to make it by the tin fulls. Okay, note to self this weekend………………. get biscotti and DIP in hot, steaming, rich, bold coffee. Oh yeah.
    Your post painted the most lovely word picture.
    btw, loved, loved, loved the picture of you and your dad. Made me smile, ear to ear.
    Just by stopping by & reading ……… made my day so much sweeter.
    Thanks friend,
    D 🙂

    1. I went on a search for that picture. I honestly didn’t remember there was a cup of coffee there AND bread. How wild is that? 🙂 Please dip a biscotti in rich, bold coffee. Do it for me, please? xo

  5. Chocolate biscotti dipped in hot coffee…that awakened the dipper in me! I taught my son to dip – cookies in milk 🙂 but I haven’t dipped in such a long time. Thanks for the wonderful reminder Joanne! Sharon

  6. Dear Joanne,
    Your beautiful post whisked me back a few years. I could smell the brew and remember the pot with the clear glass showcasing the percolating coffee in its container. I’ve never been a coffee drinker, nor a dipper…but I’m married to and have birthed those species.
    I absolutely love reading your prose – it slows my heart and fills me with all sorts of wonderful, warm feelings. xo

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