Amazing Things Are No Coincidence

The definition of happiness. Thank you to my sisters and everyone who gave us photos.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know that I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe that God is at work, making things real, bringing people together and spinning His magnificent magic.

There have been a couple of things that happened recently that drove this home even further for me. My son was married on Labor Day weekend and so many wonderful and amazing things happened. I want to share some details that I’m still in awe about.

Amazing thing #1-

About an hour before the church ceremony we realized that Penny’s dress was at home. This was fine except we were half an hour away at the church when we realized this. I frantically called my sister in laws, managed to reach one of them, and fifteen minutes before the ceremony, they arrived with dress in hand. Penny walked down the aisle like nothing ever happened.

If my future daughter in law would not have said to me, “So where is Penny’s dress?” when she did, Penny might have walked down the aisle in her old pink onesie. Ha! Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

Both Beautiful- Penny with her cousin Deanna

Amazing Thing  #2-

A blogger friend of mine, Daleen of Sunday’s Child, happened to be on the east coast from the west coast just days before the wedding. We have been phone friends for five years, sharing stories and encouragement in all walks of life, and here she was (and her lovely husband to boot), coming near me for the first time ever.

Almost a year ago Daleen and I realized this could happen. I kept hoping (and praying) the timing would work out and yes folks, it did. The night before the wedding Jim and I met Daleen and Bruce in the lobby of the Pittsburgh Hyatt (surreal!!) and whisked them to the rehearsal dinner. Wedding day dawned and we met for an early breakfast in the hotel. It was then that Daleen did the unimaginable. She offered to come over my house and gather the sunflowers into bouquets for Jess, Michelene, and Jana (and others!).

When we arrived at my house I ran around getting things together while Daleen made bouquets. The mason jars of fresh sunflowers from McConnells’ Farm were already together and I made yellow rose boutonnieres the day before. I decided to use soda pop plastic holders to contain the mason jars (genius!) and Bruce and Jim loaded everything into the car for the trip to the church.

When I nearly had a meltdown over Penny’s dress, Daleen and Bruce calmly offered to go and get it. Thankfully that wasn’t necessary but still, wow, what an offer.

Top row, L to R, Presbytera Anna and Me. Bottom, L to R, Daleen and Bruce, friend Lillian

Amazing Thing #3-

My sister Mary and I made a rogue Greek CD of music to play at the wedding. I wanted to do the official bridal dance while Jim splashed money over John and Jess. We had a blues band at the wedding- Eugene and the Night Crawlers (yes, that is really their name)- and I called Eugene a couple weeks before the wedding to see if he had a CD player attached to his speakers.

“Yes M’am”, he said. Ok, I figured we were all set except when it came time to play the song, Eugene’s CD player was one of those compact Walkmans from probably ten years ago. The disc was spinning but nothing was coming out of the speakers.

After a few tense minutes, my son wandered over and used his IT skills to diagnose the problem. I said a silent prayer something like, “God, help me. Can you please make this happen?”

Within two minutes, my sister had downloaded the song on her iphone and we plugged it into the speakers. Out came the official bridal dance song, played at just about every Greek wedding I’ve ever been to. We danced our hearts out to that one song.

Where was God? Everywhere. He was just ……everywhere. The icing on the cake was the comment Daleen made to me after the wedding. She said that Bruce’s definition of happiness from now on was going to be my face as I walked down the aisle. His definition of radiant? Jessica, as she walked down the aisle.

Radiant Bride and Handsome Groom

There are amazing things going on in our life every day. Instead of taking those wonderful moments for granted, or chalking them up to luck, think again. It’s the spiritual that really makes those things happen. I’m still in awe over my son’s wedding and thankful for the many blessings then and now.

My Family! From L to R, Cally, Me, Mom, Mary

A load of gratitude to my sisters who took great care of my mother the week before and week after the wedding. Thank you so much!!

Blessings to Ann, Jess’ mom, who is recovering from health issues. Please say a prayer for her.

There are more pictures on my Katherine’s Daughter Event’s blog. Click HERE for the link.


Join me on my graceful journey.

16 Replies to “Amazing Things Are No Coincidence”

  1. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I am looking forward to Daniel and Heather’s wedding in November! I am so happy he has found such a wonderful perfect-for-him girl! Congrats to John and Jessica again!

  2. It was a beautiful moment to walk through. Makes me feel all sparkly just re-reading some of the grace moments. I just adore that you don’t think of it as luck. Yes, something bigger than all of us had a guiding hand in all that goodness. Every single one of us were bathed in Grace during that weekend. Even a month later, I can still feel the goodness. So grateful that you included us in such a lovely moment in time. Memories to last our lifetime. So, so grateful. B & D

    1. As I write this now, the sun is shining on me. You are right, we were bathed in grace all that weekend. So so glad it worked out and you were HERE! Yes, memories to last a lifetime. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here, both you and Bruce.

  3. I was smiling and dancing with you. What a wonderful occasion, and I am so glad Daleen and her husband were there to share it with you. Lovely photos on your events blog, too. Congratulations to the happy couple. Penny looks so sweet in her little yellow frock. Is that a reluctant page boy coming in behind her?

    1. I think Jim and I came in behind her! I was afraid to leave Penny in the back of the church, even with her cousin, so she went down before us. If you mean the young man in the church pew, that’s my son’s childhood friend. ❤️

  4. Good Morning, Joanne! 🌞 God certainly had to have his hand in such amazing and beautiful happenings! I’ve read this post twice already, and each time I marvel over the beautiful pictures and incredible happenings. You have a beautiful family and memories to last a lifetime! I absolutely love the picture of you and Jim walking down the aisle…..priceless!💖💙

  5. Joanne – we’re grateful for two things in regard to our trip. The first was that we got to meet you and Jim and the rest of your family and even some of your friends. With no reservations whatsoever you invited us to be a part of your family and we’re the better for it. The second is that we were invited to the wedding. We’d never been to a Greek wedding and we were delighted to be part of the experience.
    I did mean what I said about you. I’ve been to many, many weddings and officiated many more but the smile on your face will forever define what happiness looks like. Just to be a part of that made it all worthwhile.
    You and Jim are wonderful hosts; generous and inviting.
    When we reminisce about our trip, meeting the two of you is a highlight!

    1. Bruce, it was a memorable experience to have you and Daleen here. Truly, your presence was helpful with so many things but it wasn’t just that. It was comforting and loving, friendly and fulfilling. I know we will be friends for a long time. Thank you so much for making the trip to Pittsburgh and being a part of our family! xoxo

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