“Bees do have a smell, you know, and if they don’t they should, for their feet are dusted with spices from a million flowers.”  Ray Bradbury

There are flowers everywhere in my yard, and I am just loving it.

Our honeybees are pollinating the roses, larkspur, daisies, sweet peas, pansies, AND…there are green tomatoes in the garden! The tomato flowers are multiplying each day, as if by magic.



Yes, it is finally summer in Pennsylvania. The sun is up early, around 5:30am, making its presence known through the (supposedly) room darkening shades in my bedroom. I don’t mind one bit, being wakened by the morning light….

It’s as if summer beckons me to rise, get up, come, let Jordan out, and enjoy my morning cup of coffee in the back yard. I usually give in.

There is so much grace in summertime. Summer invites me to relax, unwind, rest and reflect. Also to make some plans for this fall (wink wink), which I am working on and will tell you about soon.

Here are some other summertime graces I’m in love with:

The birds are singing early in the morning, their chorus loud, clear and happy.

The grass is so lush and green and filled with clover.

Fifteen hours of daylight is almost sinful, decadent and oh so awesome.

DSC_0022The chickens are loving the warm weather, the freedom to move about and scratch the ground for delicious bugs.

I can hear dogs barking and kids playing while I open the windows to the evening’s cool breeze.

The lightning bugs are like tiny twinkle lights when they light up my field at night (blink blink blink).

Thank goodness it’s only June. Many more days of summertime grace to enjoy.

Thank you to my daughter Michelene for these beautiful photos!

Are you in summertime? If so, what graces are you enjoying?

Join me on my graceful journey.

15 Replies to “Ah…..Summer!”

  1. They are beautiful photos and I have been transported to a wonderful summer’s day. Hooray. I try very hard to appreciate cold and winter but……..really I am a summer gal.

  2. Summer is hard to love in the heat of Texas! There are some days I DO enjoy stepping out in the heated morning air when it is quiet and peaceful…knowing that my air conditioning is just a few steps away! Ha ha! Summer time also brings my birthday and anniversary…times of celebration! Time for macaroni salad, potato salad & linguini salad! Cooking on the grill!
    Beautiful pictures, Joanne!

  3. Wow, this brings to me a new appreciation of summer. I love the fruits of summer, as my mom was born & raised on a farm, and I was raised enjoying all the fresh garden vegetables, fruit, milk & eggs and homemade everything. I don’t know where the heat, sweat, and the thought of shorter days coming took over such positives(haha). How amazing that I have the opportunity to read this today, just when I needed to….amazing grace! Most importantly, summer brings life celebrations to our family, as our son was born in July, as were 3 other very special peiple that I dearly love. A time to celebrate life.. Thanks so much for sharing. I plan on appreciating ” sweating”, enjoying the daylight that God has given me today, & not to concern myself with how hot it is.

    1. Hi Cindy,
      I think that is why I love the early mornings of summer. Early morning is not quite so hot and I can enjoy the sun and my beautiful back yard. Glad you stopped by and I hope you take the time to stop and smell the roses! Joanne

  4. Oh, I do miss lightning bugs, Joanne… our night skies were illumined with them in New Jersey. I’ve heard of them in Texas, though I think it’s just a rumor, as I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one here, and I’ve lived here for a long time. LOL…you’re saying “thank goodness it’s only June”, and we’re saying, “God have mercy, it’s only June”…the heat here has been a non-stop 91-94 degrees with high humidity. I think it’s funny how summer or winter can mean different things to different people. But, I do have memories of cooler summer days, and of course every day is a blessing 😉

    Love your post, it sounds all so lovely in your yard…and looking forward to hearing your mystery plans. I’m hoping to share some great news of my own soon. Life is exciting when God is in the center of it.

    Marianne xo

    1. Marianne…I, too live in Texas and I have seen lightening bugs here! I am in the DFW area. I don’t really remember seeing them before this year though! I know what the weather man says, but my thermometer in my back yard says we have broken the triple digit mark several times already!

    2. Hi Marianne!
      I don’t think I could take it any hotter than what it is here in PA. God Bless You (and my friend Cathy!) in the TX heat. I’ll be praying for you….
      I am looking forward to hearing your great news. Yes, Life is exciting when we keep God front and center!
      xo Joanne

  5. Cathy, you have been graced with the lightening bugs illumination…but bless you in all that heat. Yes, they said that the ‘feel like’ temperature was 100-102 here (south of Houston)…though I think you get more of a winter?

    God bless you there,

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