A Call to Thanksgiving

Loved this selection of Turkey Calls from the Rogers, OH Flea Market!
Loved this selection of Wooden Turkey Calls from the Rogers, Ohio Flea Market!

Note: It’s hard to believe this post is two years old! I’m still grateful for all these beautiful things. But of course I have to add my new granddaughter Penny, her wonderful mom Jessica, and Jess’ family to my list of things to be thankful for!

Dictionary.com defines Thanksgiving as the following: 1. the act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgment of benefits or favors, especially to God. 2. an expression of thanks, especially to God. 3. a public celebration in acknowledgment of divine favor or kindness. 4. a day set apart for giving thanks to God.

I say “How beautiful.” Not only the definition, which in itself is a surprise, given that God is rarely mentioned in such a public description. This is something I don’t often see.

What are you grateful for? Maybe it’s your family, friends, husband or wife. Maybe it’s your job, your dog, your grandchildren, your mother or father. These days I’m thankful for many things, mostly that I have taken the time to work my own business with the added bonus of spending lots of time with my mom.

I’ve been thinking of the simple things, the not so often thought of things that, when I remember to remember, I am very thankful for.

Here’s what they are:

My Chicken Pillow- Thank you Daleen!
My Chicken Pillow- Thank you Daleen!

My Bed: A few years ago Jim and I got tired of complaining about our bed. We were always sore when we woke up in the morning and it was at least ten years old. Finally one morning I said “That’s it. Time for a new bed.”

Well Jim went out and bought a “Cloud”. That’s right. It was a pillow top mattress that was so comfortable we’ve never had a morning back ache again. As of this moment I have warm flannel sheets on it, an electric blanket. two pillows each (soft and slightly hard), and an awesome decorative pillow my friend Daleen sent me from Spanaway, Washington. When I climb into this bed every night, I tell God how special I feel to sleep in a warm bed, in a safe place.

My Family: I’m not taking them for granted these days. Jim is numero uno, my main man and he is my biggest fan. My kids are terrific and so is my grandson. My mom, well, she is my best friend and my sisters too. I love them all dearly. I tell God, HOLY COW, you couldn’t have done any better job than the family you gave me.

My Country: The older I get the more I realize how truly lucky I have it to be born in the USA. I am protected and feel safe, and I can do and achieve whatever I want. I appreciate those who fight for my freedom and I tell God, please watch over and keep them safe.

My Friends: Kathy, Susan, Lynda, Sherri, Ed, John, Tracy, Karen, and many others including you. If I had a crisis or problem, half would show up with soup or cookies and a box of kleenex. The other half would pray for me. I can depend on them. They are there for me. I tell God, you must really love me.

My Dog: She keep me company during the evenings when Jim works. She barks at strangers. She kisses my friends and makes them feel welcome. Most of all, I feel safe when she is with me. I tell God, thank you for Ms. Jordan.

Jordan the Wonder Dog
Jordan the Wonder Dog

May you realize your true blessings on this Thanksgiving and for many days beyond. You are a treasure and I hope you have a wonderful day!

What are you grateful for?





Join me on my graceful journey.

18 Replies to “A Call to Thanksgiving”

  1. Wow! I am truly blessed to have my rock, my hero, my husband Don. Then there are my kids. We have had some issues with addiction, but I am proud of my son Jeremy for fighting to get clean. It’s still a struggle, but each day he is doing better. My daughter in law and I clash A LOT…but I love her as a daughter and these 2 have given me the 4 most amazing, wonderful grandchildren I could have asked for. My other son, Daniel is doing great and I am very proud of him, too. I am thankful for his girlfriend, Heather, who makes him happier than I have ever seen him. She is very sweet and I have come to love her also!
    I am thankful to have my dad near me, since the rest of the family is so far away! Most there in PA and my “sisterniece” (I just made up that word, you know, LOL!),Nicole in CO. I am thankful for them all.
    I am thankful that we are able to open our home to a friend and her family. It has really become a tradition over the past few years.
    I am thankful for YOU and the friendship we have had through out the years. You and Jim have always been a source of inspiration for me.
    Happy Thanksgiving Joanne!

    1. Cathy, I am thankful for you as you have really encouraged my writing from the beginning. I will pray for Jeremy and the rest of the family. Keep up your online support meetings and even try to go to a live one if you can. It will make a difference I promise. Call me anytime to talk. Have a blessed Thanksgiving! xo Joanne

  2. WOW!!! What a great “Thanksgiving” post. I saw those turkey calls and didn’t know where you were going with your story. I love the analogy!! As we were cleaning our garage & packing up to move, I came across a hand made turkey call that my dad had given to my son Benji after he became too old to hunt. After reading your post tonight, I am so grateful for the little “break” I took from packing to play with it for awhile. The sound of a turkey calling echoed all through my house. It was amazing & as I write this I can still hear the sound so clearly . So, I am grateful for my mom & dad ( and his turkey call), and my wonderful husband & sons, my grandchildren & all the beautiful friends God has placed in my life. Iam especially thankful to be healthy today so I may enjoy all the gifts God has given me. Wishing you a wonderdul Thanksgiving and may you hear the turkeys calling!

    1. LOL, I really wanted to use that turkey call picture and God just put the words into my head. We often have turkeys in our backyard (if Jordan doesn’t chase them out!) and I believe they are great beauties of nature. I love who you are grateful for! May you have a blessed Thanksgiving! xo Joanne

    1. How’s the de cluttering going? I started cleaning out a bit a few months ago but need to “re-boot” myself. January might be a good time for that! I love your blog and obviously you have really done a fabulous job of writing and nurturing a community. That is an inspiration for me and many others! Have a blessed day. Joanne

      1. De-cluttering is painful. I would much rather be blogging! But before I can get back to that, I also need to de-clutter my computer. Now regular household de-cluttering is painful; computer de-cluttering is a whole other level!

        1. You are right about computer de cluttering. I do it every now and then because I can’t take it anymore! I wait for a rainy or cloudy day and make a big hot mug of cocoa or coffee, then I go for it.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Joanne—I’ve been telling Gregory for a couple of years that I want a temperpedic mattress—I want that mattress!!! Then I can be really really thankful 🙂
    I also love those handmade bird calls!
    I too am thankful for so much—for having met you when I first started out in the little blog venture—you were one of the first folks who found me and I in turn found you 🙂
    A very happy, and hopefully warm and not too many feet of snow, Thanksgiving Joanne!!!
    Much love—Julie

    1. Hi Julie! We barely got a dusting of snow here. The worst is more to the east I think.
      Go and get that mattress! You will not regret it. I am thankful for meeting you too and I am proud of what a beautiful and consistent blogger/writer you are. The WordPress community is wonderful and it is great to watch you grow in it. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Joanne xo

  4. Our list is very similar, Joanne, except the new mattress that saved our backs is a Tempurpedic instead of a Cloud top. But it sure makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

    Also, the dog we’re thankful for is our almost 13-year-old rescued dog, Maggie. We though we were rescuing her, but it turns out we needed this loving, loyal bundle of dog fur just as much as she needed us.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your dog, and your family, Joanne.

  5. Joanne, what a wonderful Thanksgiving post – you are always inspiring and right on target.

    I’m thankful that after 8 days in a row of work I have three days off. I am thankful for being able to cook up a great Thanksgiving meal and create more memories for my son. But most of all I’m grateful for the Life and Breath of my son – his love and insights….for my family, who love and put up with me and all of my quirks….for my friends, who have seen me through thick and thin….for good health, fresh air, clean water (both hot and cold), for the freedom to give thanks to our Eternal Lord and creator of Heaven and Earth, for his new covenant with us through our Lord Jesus, and every blessing known and unknown, and for those yet to come…I suppose I could write a book – perhaps more than one – on all the things I am thankful for.

    I am very thankful for your kindness, Joanne, and continued loyalty as a blog friend, and I’d like to share I received another great review on my book…yay!!


    1. Oh Marianne, that is wonderful! I am so happy for you!
      So glad you are embracing the holiday all around. We are blessed to have our family and friends and the love of our Lord to keep us spiritually strong.
      My schedule has finally cleared and I think I’m going to work on my “blog” book a bit more (a compilation of my favorite posts). Thinking of getting it online (if I can!) in the next two weeks. We’ll see what happens. Say a prayer for me 😉

  6. P.s. and I’m thankful that when I’m able to get a new bed I now have a good one in mind….A ‘Cloud’! Sounds so comfy and cozy, and yes, I agree, its so precious to be able to get into a cozy bed in peace and security.

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